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A special THANKS to the organizations that took the time to view our hard work.

In return, Axe Music pledges to continue to offer a Music Resource Centre, filled with product and service information for all to benefit from.

Received Feb 1, 1998 The Musicians Networks, is an American organization with over 5,000 members.


library.jpg (14636 bytes) The American Real Estate Library hold over 5,000 pages of information, and over 100,000 useful resources.


Awarded - Feb 5, 1998 Internet Utopia is a Website design company, founded in 1995.  The Revi Award has also been acclaimed in the Wall Street Journal, and is also a respected member of Award-It.


Awarded - Feb. 4, 1998 From Scotland, Design World is a well respected Web design company that offers services including: Unix and NT Website hosting, full FTP support and unlimited E-mail address for their customers.


Awarded March 21, 1998 Quatec Solutions, located in Richmont, VA,  is a professional Internet design firm specializing in the creation of creative, powerful, and high-quality World Wide Web sites for businesses, organizations and individuals.


Awarded March 15, 98 The Akira Seal of Approval come to us from "Whacked", a Website design company located in Tamarac, Florida.


Awarded March 25, 1998 The Creativity Wesite, located in Santa Monica, CA , hosts a number of music, sports, and science links .


Located in Ayer, MA - Nielsen Web Sites & Business Graphics offers 10 years experience in freelance web design and graphic design.


Awarded March 25, 1998 The Home & Health Website is dedicated to those who want or need a few moments to themselves.   Everybody deserves their own quiet time.


Awarded Feb. 11, 1998 Mnet Web Services is a professional Internet design company which also offers web promotion tools, and great resources. 

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