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Numark CDN34 Compact Disc Player


From the inventors of the first-dual transport CD player comes the CDN-34 Anti-Shock® CD player, perhaps the finest professional DJ CD player ever built. This unit incorporates all the features you´ve been asking for plus more. The CDN-34 was designed for the audio professional that demands the best at a reasonable price. The CDN-34 is the worlds first dual-transport CD player to incorporate 12 seconds of anti-shock® memory plus the capabilities of true instant start, seamless looping, and a unique stuttering effect.

Loaded into the CDN-34:

Anti-Shock® Memory - The music never stops! Anti-shock allows the CDN-34 to be jostled for 6 seconds per side and not skip while playing. If shocks should ever exceed 6 seconds then the last 2 seconds of music will repeat until continuation can occur.

True Instant Start - Prior to hitting play the unit stores the start of a track into it´s RAM buffer memory. This buffer allows this unit to start with positively no delay from CD rotation. Any dead audio space at the beginning of a recorded track is automatically eliminated prior to play.

Stuttering -
This one of the most innovative tools to be ever included on a DJ CD Player. This exciting feature is allows the DJ to select any point in the music, on the fly, for retriggering play start instantly. The first default is set at the initial cue point allowing you to press the stutter button and automatically restart on the beat seamlessly. Following stutters can be set with the Loop In button. This is a great tool for seamlessles restarting a track on the beat to extend a fast approaching mix conflict or picking a key vocal to stutter with.

Seamless Looping - When you set loop points the CD player stores music from the loop point into it´s RAM buffer memory. This allows the music to be looped with no restrictions on loop length. The loop can be set and edited before you play a track or on the fly. The loop points are also remembered from track to track

Combination Pitch/Cue Jog Wheel - When the music is playing the pitch wheel will temporarily bend the pitch of the music up to +/-16% by rotating the wheel clockwise to speed up or counterclockwise to slow down. The amount of pitch change is determined by your speed of rotation. When the CD is paused the jog wheel will act as a slow frame search control. There are 75 frames per second of music for precision alignment. The manual pitch adjust moves the music +/-12% .

Enormous Backlit Display - Shows modes for current play status; track remain, elapsed, or full CD remain time with track number, minutes, seconds and frames; a time progress bar; program status; loop status; single or continuous play; pitch change percentage; and song BPM.

True Continuous Play - The CD will repeat infinitely as long as continuous is set. The music never stops! Perfect for when you need to leave CD player alone for any reason.

Beat Counter - Tap in the current beat information for your quick reference. The information interactively adjusts with the pitch control.

Program Play - Preprogram a sequence of up to 30 songs to play so you can walk away.

3 Speed Forward/Reverse Scanning Wheel - Quickly find play points.

+10 Tracks Skip Search - Rapidly select track numbers.

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