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The Lexicon Studio System is a line of professional hard disk recording hardware components that interface with your favorite software to provide professional recording results. Supporting both the PC and Macintosh platforms, Lexicon Studio is capable of up to 32 voices from a variety of I/O options. Lexicon Studio provides recording, editing, mixing and DSP for a complete and professional workstation solution.




In addition, Lexicon will offer the LX3 Multi-Interface Adapter, which allows as many as three (3) LDI-10T's to be linked together providing 24 channels of 24-bit analog, TRS balanced I/O and three (3) sets of S/PDIF I/O, all usable simultaneously.

The two most important factors for high quality audio production are audio conversion and the quality of the digital signal processing. Being a world leader in both, Lexicon is the obvious choice for the sound that makes a product truly professional.


Lexicon Studio(tm) is a line of professional hardware components for computers that provides uncompromised audio quality and extensive processing capability. This family of products is designed to allow you to tailor your working environment to your needs. Lexicon Studio provides I/O options, DSP, signal routing, synchronization and control hardware for industry leading software packages. With our hardware powering innovative software like Steinbergs Cubase VST,(tm) project studio production can become professional studio production.

The Core-32(tm) card is the technology center of the Lexicon Studio system, capable of synchronizing to and controlling external devices. The Core-32 card is a full-size PCI card for both PC and Macintosh computers. It is capable of supporting up to 32 simultaneous voices as sources or destinations from the host system via the PCI bus with the I/O to do it just the way you want. Select the LDI-12T or the LDI-10T interface, as well as the PC-90 clip-on processing card to give you Lexicon reverb.

LexiPowerCore technology (LPC(tm)) works with the new generation system architecture to accelerate the host computer for audio processing. This is made possible by a unique combination of on-board DSP, RAM and proprietary LPC processing. Our Core-32 card delivers the power to make your system rock. Lexicon Studio will also interface to todays tape-based systems including ADAT(tm) and

D-88(tm), allowing you to edit, process and refine previously recorded material.

Core-32(tm) - PCI Studio Engine

Todays digital production environment demands high quality. The internal architecture of the Lexicon Studio Core-32 card is 24-bits. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and additional memory (RAM) add to your computers power, allowing the system to work faster and provide more processing power. Sync-up using Core-32s ability to be a clock master or slave. You can also distribute the digital clock to the rest of the system. An on-board variable rate oscillator will provide proper sync to Time Code when locking to external sources. A single Core-32 card is capable of supporting a maximum of 32 simultaneous aduio streams as inputs or outputs.


Lexicon has earned its reputation for sonic superiority by remembering that "its the sound that counts." The LDI-12T Interface upholds this standard by providing a high-quality interface for the Lexicon Studio(tm) System at an affordable price.


The conversion process from analog is the most critical factor in determining the quality of digital audio. The creative possibilities of random access digital audio production are amazing, but, without good Analog-to-Digital conversion, the results are just not up to professional standards. To satisfy the rigorous demands of our customers, we designed our interface with superior A-to-D conversion at both professional and consumer input levels.


The LDI-12T has TOSLINK(tm) optical input and output connections for any ADAT(tm)-compatible device to provide 8 channels of digital I/O. ADAT sync connectors ensure accurate system clocking and synchronization. A pair of coaxial RCA connectors provide 2 channels of digital input in S/PDIF consumer audio format. The two TOSLINK connectors may also be used for S/PDIF connections which require an optical I/O. This feature allows simultaneous format conversion between, for example, two DATs, one with coaxial (RCA) and one with optical connections.


MIDI, while helpful for musical applications, does not provide sufficient timing information for accurate picture synchronization. Some devices are limited to triggering PLAY at a Time Code location without actually locking, or they require you to buy additional hardware to achieve reliable lock. The LDI-12T hardware has the ability, with future expansion to be capable of true synchronization with an XLR balanced Time Code input that works in conjunction with the Core-32 on-board variable speed oscillator (VSO) to lock to incoming Time Code and to stay in sync. In addition, the S/PDIF input can be used as a word clock source for accurate lock to other digital devices.


The LDI-12T has the features you need. A 9-pin connector on the rear panel, with future expansion will let you connect to video and audio devices capable of Sony(tm) 9-pin serial control, and will also accepts Serial Time Code from these devices. Establish your own professional connections to the Lexicon Studio with the LDI-12T Interface designed to ride the technology wave and power your system into the future.

PC-90 Engine

WHATS IN A NAME? A lot if your name is Lexicon. For over 25 years, Lexicon has been the leader in digital audio reverberation and effects. With more experience than any other digital audio manufacturer, its no surprise that were the first to provide high-quality tools for todays computer based production systems.

The PC-90 uses the core processing engine of Lexicons award-winning PCM-90 to add uncompromised reverb and processing power to the Lexicon Studio(tm) system. Now you can have world-class Lexicon reverb right where you need it under control of your software interface. This integration and control gives your computer-based system new authority with all of the sonic quality you expect from a Lexicon. It doesnt get any better than this.


The only thing better than a Lexicon reverb is two Lexicon reverbs and the PC-90 gives you just that. Five stereo dual reverb algorithms include: Ambience, Chamber, Concert Hall, Inverse and Room.


100 new presets have been created for the PC-90, each optimized to exploit the full dynamic power of the LFOs and modulators that give the PC-90 its distinctive character. The presets allow setups like a large chamber for vocals and gated reverb for drums to be used simultaneously in stereo.


The PC-90 provides a software interface for easy program selection and adjustment. Custom controllers designed for each preset provide scaling of multiple parameters to allow unique and musical adjustments for each preset.


Lexicon has a history of providing significant new features and functionality to its products with software and hardware upgrades. (The PCM series has a number of PCM CIA cards with exciting new programs; the legendary 480L offers software upgrades that double the number of available sounds.) With this tradition, you can be sure that the PC-90 will continue to grow with the times and that Lexicon Studio will provide you with the tools you need to get the results you want.

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