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You've just written the masterpiece to end all masterpieces. The one that's destined to be the title track of your CD. Do you turn to your trusty four-track recorder? Not a chance. This isn't a demo--this is your life. Okay. So you call up a major studio and book a month or so of premium session time. (Thank goodness you're independently wealthy.)

Or you walk up to your PC, plug into Gina, and record, arrange, and master your music with unparalleled fidelity and precision. You make music without watching the clock. Without settling for demo quality. Without being restricted by numbers of tracks, outdated media, or proprietary, closed-ended systems.

Gina Digital Multitrack.

Includes multitrack recording/editing software.
Gina is 100% compatible with all of the best Windows 95 multitrack recording and editing software, including programs from Steinberg, Sonic Foundry, Cakewalk Music Software, Innovative Quality Software, SEK'D, and Syntrillium Software.

Is your PC ready for Gina? Download the Echo Reporter" system analysis software. 


Gina 20-Bit Multitrack Digital Audio Recorder

Audio Performance
(Analog in to analog out)




System Requirements

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