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Soundcraft Ghost Audio Console

  • Powerful four band eq, with two fully parametric mids
  • 6 mono and 2 stereo auxiliary sends
  • Every channel features phantom power, phase reverse and a 100Hz filter
  • Mix B path and 4 stereo returns give a total of 56 inputs at mix-down from a 24-channel desk
  • Basic model CPU provides 128 snapshots for MIDI muting
    4 mute groups
  • External tape and video machine transport control buttons, with jog/shuttle facility
  • 4 MIDI data faders, for controlling external effects and other MIDI parameters

Designing good audio mixers has never been easy - but with the widespread use of ultra-quiet digital recorders, and improvements all through the live and studio audio chain, todays mixers have to stand up to closer sonic scrutiny than ever before. At the same time, mixing has become less a process that takes place at the console alone, and more one that involves outboard effects, samplers, and synchronisation of audio and video recorders. Its a big task for a mixer to keep in touch with all of that - which is why Soundcraft created Ghost, the ultimate affordable analogue recording console.

Simply put, Ghost is the only desk that delivers the audio precision, quality and all the control features of a big studio desk without the usual prohibitive price ticket. The EQ, for instance, is directly comparable to that of the classic Soundcraft 3200 and Europa consoles. No compromises.

An all-new mic preamp, ProMic, has been developed just for Ghost. Its performance alone puts Ghost into a different league from other consoles of similar price.

The killer punch, however, is delivered by Ghosts integral computer-based machine control and mute automation. Derived from the innovative Soundcraft DC2020 post-production console, the machine control in Ghost makes it far more than just another mixer. It actually forms the heart of an automated recording setup with countless benefits in ease of use and production efficiency.

"This is not a toy! The console is built like a tank, . . . The EQ is amazing. Absolutely staggering. The board is much closer to the Amek Big I worked on than a Mackie, and the EQ is better - Id wager no console under $50k has EQ this good. . . I dont know how they made it this cheap!"

- Matt Allison, USA

"I just sold my Mackie 8-Bus and purchased the new Ghost console. The difference is amazing. The Ghost is the warmest sounding board Ive ever used."

- Mike Perkin (The Lab Recording Studio, Emmaus, Pa, USA)

"I didnt know how useful mute groups could be and how good the EQ had to be until we used the Soundcraft Ghost." - Stefaan Windey, La Linea Musicproductions b.v.b.a., Belgium

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