MPX Series Power Amplifiers

The JBL MPX Series professional power amplifiers provide optimum performance in rugged, roadworthy and affordable packages - for when you dont need the accessory modules and the 2 ohm capability of the MPA Series.

They are protected against short circuits and will automatically return to normal operation once the fault has been removed. Multi-speed fans keep internal temperatures within safe limits.

Switchable 30 Hz high pass filters are for removing infrasonic signals which can damage low frequency transducers and waste amplifier power.

  4 ohm load/Channel: 1200 W 600 W 300 W
  8 ohm load/Channel: 800 W 400 W 200 W
  8 ohm Bridge: 2400 W 1200 W 600 W

COOLING: Rear to front air flow (all models)
MPX1200: Continuously variable speed fan
MPX600: Two-speed fan
MPX300: Two-speed fan

AMPLIFIER PROTECTION: Full short circuit, open circuit, ultrasonic and RF protection, current limiting, thermal muting; stable into reactive or mismatched loads. MPX1200 additionally has thermal/clip limiting.

LOAD PROTECTION: On/off muting, DC fault load grounding relay with internal fault fuses. MPX1200 additionally has clip limiting.

DIMENSIONS: 133 mm x 483 mm x 408 mm (rack depth 404 mm)
(H x W x D): 5.25" x 19" x 16.1" (rack depth 15.9")

Net Weight: 29.5 kg 21.5 kg 18.7 kg 65 lbs 47 lbs 41 lbs
Shipping Weight: 33.1 kg 25.1 kg 22.3 kg 73 lbs 55 lbs 49 lbs


Input Modules

IM-10 Two-channel, two-way crossover card provides multi-way active selectable frequency division with adjustable time delay for transducer alignment and equalization for both 2360 and 2830 horns.

IM-11 18 dB/octave sub-bass crossover card provides subsonic filter at 30 or 40 Hz, crossover frequencies of 80, 120 or 250 Hz with external highpass outputs.

IM-20 Bar/restaurant music and paging module allows the input of an MPA amplifier to have a microphone pre-amp and stereo line level input with a fully adjustable music "ducking" circuit.

IM-21 Input compressor/limiter allows fully adjustable compression and/or limiting action at the input of the amplifier without the cost or inconvenience of a stand-alone unit.



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