ALEX Digital Effects Processor

For over 20 years, audio professionals have relied on the brilliant sound quality that only a Lexicon digital effects processor can provide. So much so that today over 80% of the commercially and artistically successful recordings are processed through a Lexicon.

The new Alex Digital Effects Processor puts Lexicons legendary digital reverb and effects processing in a remarkably affordable new package.

Alex has 16 phenomenal presets, 3 adjustable parameters (providing Alex with over 4,000 effects combinations), plus another 16 user registers for storing your own unique sounds.

The Effects
Among these presets are various reverbs, including halls, rooms, plates, gates, and inverse room. Alex also features multi-voice chorusing, flanging, straight echoes, and stereo multi-tap delays.


Midi Reverb

"Lexicon's Legendary effects processing, in a remarkably affordable package."