DELTAFEX TWIN Dual Stereo Processor

Our top selling DeltaFex just got "twice" as good.

The DeltaFex" Twin has two independent stereo multi-effect processors contained in a single-rack-space unit, making it perfect for working bands and home studios. Each processor has stereo inputs and outputs, 16 different effect types, two adjustable parameters for each effect, mix control, input and output level controls, a bicolor clip LED, and a rear-panel defeat jack.


DELTAFEX" Processor

Stereo effects processor; stereo inputs and outputs; 16 different effects types including 7 reverbs, 4 delays, 1 parallel delay + reverb, chorus, flange, phase shifter, and rotary speaker with morphing speed control; two adjustable parameters on each effect; mix control; input and output level controls; defeat jack; bicolor clip LED.