862/462/362 BBE System

All music that is amplified through a loudspeaker suffers some loss of fidelity - or subtle distortions - caused by the inherent characteristics of the loudspeaker itself. The BBE system addresses these problems by compensating for phase and amplitude distortions and, in effect, delivering the signal to the speaker in a form which allows it to reproduce the original live performance more fully and more faithfully.

(1) 862 (2) 462 (3) 362

Noise (process in)
(1) -90 dBu below 0 dBu (2) -90 dBu below 0 dBu (3) -88 dBu below 0 dBu

Total harmonic distortion in process mode
(1) Less than 0.025% (2) Less than 0.025% (3)Less than 0.05%