FBX901 Feedback Exterminator & FBX1802 Dual Feedback Exterminator

Product of the Year, Professional Light & Sound Association (U.K., 1993)
TEC Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement (U.S.A., 1991) NAB Pick Hit (U.S.A., 1992)

The FBX901 & FBX1802 automatically control feedback, replacing conventional 1/3 octave EQs with 1/10 octave digital filters, so your sound stays clean and clear. Youll feel secure knowing that feedback will never be a problem. Best of all, your system will be loud, with at least a 6 to 9 dB increase in gain before feedback.

"Think of the FBX as an EQ with 20,000 sliders run by 1000 top-notch engineers. Its just that simple."

FBX-Solo SL610

FBX-Solo SM610

Automatically senses feedback in a sound system and determines its pitch. It then places one of its six micro-filters on the resonating frequency and eliminates the feedback

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