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Bose BUILT-INvisible systems

Bose BUILT-INvisible systems fill your home with lifelike sound, not bulky equipment.

Imagine your home filled with rich, natural sounding music. Your family room wrapped in the excitement of cinema-like home theater sound. Your children enjoying their music in their rooms while you enjoy your music in another part of the house.

Now imagine all that from a system you barely notice, that takes up no floor space and is so easy to operate, every member of the family can enjoy it.

Now stop imagining and start planning - for your Bose BUILT-INvisible home entertainment system.

Bose With most conventional systems the music sounds thin and weak at moderate listening levels. Bose systems sound full and natural at every listening level ...automatically.

Human hearing is much less sensitive to bass sounds at low volumes than it is to mid and high frequency sounds. Music that sounds full and rich when played at a loud volume will sound thin and weak at lower volumes.

As the volume in each room of a Bose BUILT-INvisible" system is adjusted, Bose patented circuitry automatically re-adjusts the tonal balance of the speakers in that room only, to be just right at that volume. No confusing controls and no need to run to and from equipment to make complicated adjustments. The music sounds rich and full, speech sounds clear and natural in every room at any listening level.

Bose Amplifiers, equalizers and control circuits are all integrated into the concealed BUILT-INvisible chassis.


Bose Videostage steering logic centers dialog on the screen, spreads music and sound effects smoothly across the front of your room, and surrounds you with ambiance and special effects from the rear and sides.

Conventional surround processors provide controls that make it possible to inadvertently mid-adjust the system, actually eliminating parts of the soundtrack. Videostage steering logic allows your installer to match the system to the acoustics of your room, while ensuring that you always hear all the content, in the proportions the filmmakers intended.

Videostage steering logic is completely compatible with all Dolby encoded programming. There are no complicated adjustments to make. You simply sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy.

Bose In a Bose BUILT-INvisible system, the Acoustimass module is installed under the floor or above the ceiling, completely hidden from view.

Most conventional sound systems use furniture-like woofers that sit out in the room, taking up valuable space and detracting from the decor. Bose BUILT-INvisible" installed systems are designed with Acoustimass modules that are concealed in the floor or ceiling of the house. Yet, all the sound seems to come from cube speakers so small youll barely know theyre there.

Bose Direct/Reflecting® Technology brings you lifelike spaciousness with full stereo sound throughout more of your room.

During a live performance, most of what you hear is reflected off the walls, floor and ceiling. Only a small amount of sound energy travels to you directly. This combination of reflected and direct sound is what gives music its full, rich spaciousness.

Unfortunately, conventional speakers can only radiate mid/high frequencies directly into the room. That limits the stereo effect to a narrow space between the speakers - the "sweet spot." The spaciousness of the live performance is lost.

However, unlike conventional speakers, Bose Direct/Reflecting® speakers use the same principles as a live performance - they reflect some sound off the walls, ceiling and floor of your room. This reflected sound, combined with direct sound, brings you a spaciousness that approaches the realism of a live performance. So you enjoy the freedom to sit almost anywhere in your room and still hear full stereo sound.

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