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Line 6 AxSys 212
Digitar Guitar System

The AxSys 212 is a 100 Watt 2 - 12" Stereo Combo Guitar Amplifier with classic tube sound, a full set of integrated digital effects, and total programmability. Its the most versatile, complete, and powerful guitar amplifier ever.

The AxSys 212 is the first of its kind - a new generation of guitar amp. In the past, searching for the right "tone" meant trying out dozens of amps - each having its own unique, signature sound. If you wanted more than one sound, you needed more than one amp and a bunch of rack and pedal effects to cover all the bases.

The AxSys 212 can replicate the sound of almost any guitar amp on the market today (and plenty of vintage amps that are no longer made). Physical modeling also is used to emulate sounds like spring reverb, and even an acoustic guitar.

And what about all those rack-mount effects and pedal boxes on the floor? The AxSys 212 provides a full complement of state-of-the-art 24-bit simultaneous stereo digital effects including: noise gate, hum canceller, compressor, wah, distortion box, multiple EQs, chorus, flange, delay, reverb, cabinet simulation, and a lot more - its all in there! Theres even a digital tuner.

The AxSys 212 is programmable, with 128 presets and 128 user sounds, that can be selected by MIDI foot pedals, sequencers and computers. Top it off with twin custom 12" Eminence speakers and 100 Watts of stereo power, and you have one very powerful system in a portable package.

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