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Roland JV2080 Synthesizer Module

The JV-2080 64-Voice Synthesizer Module expands upon the worldwide success of Roland's JV-1080 by offering eight expansion board slots, three independent EFX sets and dramatically enhanced ease-of-use. These features, combined with a large new backlit LCD and innovative Patch Finder and Phrase Preview functions, make the new JV-2080 a powerful tool for the professional synth market.


Roland resets the synthesizer standard with the incredibly expandable JV-2080 64-Voice Synthesizer Module. This amazingly powerful package offers unprecedented expandability, digital signal processing, and remarkable operational ease, all housed in a two-unit rack-mount design.

An astounding eight Wave Expansion Board slots!
The JV-2080 gives you the power of using up to eight SR-JV80 Series Wave Expansion Boards simultaneously. It is expandable up to a staggering 2,900 patches. That's 64 Mbytes* of pristine waveforms at your fingertips! (*128 Mbytes in 16-bit linear format)

Three onboard EFX sets for powerful digital signal processing
Unmatched independent processing capability in Performance Mode with 3 EFX sets in addition to global chorus and reverb/delay. Each EFX set contains 40 different effects including distortion, flanger, and phaser.

SR-JV80 Series Wave Expansion Boards
SR-JV80-01 "Pop"
SR-JV80-02 "Orchestral"
SR-JV80-03 "Piano"
SR-JV80-04 "Vintage Synth"
SR-JV80-05 "World"
SR-JV80-07 "Super Sound Set"
SR-JV80-08 "Keyboards of the '60s & '70s"
SR-JV80-09 "Session"
SR-JV80-10 "Bass & Drums" NEW!

EFX Types

Single Effects: Serial-connected Effects:
Stereo EQ, Overdrive, Distortion, Phaser, Spectrum, Enhancer, Auto Wah, Rotary,Compressor, Limiter, HEXA Chorus, Tremolo Chorus, Space D, Stereo Chorus, Stereo Flanger, Step Flanger, Stereo Delay, Modulation Delay, Triple Tap Delay, Quad Tap Delay, Time Control Delay, 2-voice Pitch Shifter, Feedback Pitch Shifter, Reverb, Gate Reverb

Serial-connected Effects:

Overdrive --> Chorus
Overdrive --> Flanger
Overdrive --> Delay
Distortion --> Chorus
Distortion --> Flanger
Distortion --> Delay
Enhancer --> Chorus
Enhancer --> Flanger
Enhancer --> Delay
Chorus --> Delay
Flanger --> Delay
Chorus --> Flanger

Parallel-connected Effects:



Max Polyphony 64 voices
Multitimbral Parts 16 (including 1 rhythm part)
System common effects: Chorus, Reverb(8 types)
EFX: 40 types x 3 sets
Single effects =25, Serial connected effects=12,
Parallel connected effects=3

*In Performance mode, three EFX sets can be used independently.

Internal Memory Patches: Preset*=128 x 5 banks, User=128, Data card=128
Rhythm sets: Preset=10, User=2, Data card=2
Performances: Preset=64, User=32, Data card=32
*Preset-D patches and rhythms conform to General MIDI.
Expandability Expansion slot=8 (for the SR-JV80 Series Wave Expansion Boards) Data card slot =1 (for M-512E Memory card)
Display 320 x 80 dot backlit graphic LCD
Connectors Mix outputs (L/Mono, R), Direct outputs 1(L,R), Direct outputs 2(L,R) MIDI (In,Out,Thru), Phones
Power Supply AC117V/230V/240V
PowerConsumption 13W
Dimensions 482 (W) x 281 (D) x 88 (H) mm /
19 x 11-1/16 x 3-1/2 inches
(EIA-2U rack mount type)
Weight 4.9 kg / 10 lb. 13 oz.

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