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Roland XP-60 Music Workstation

The XP-60 Music Workstation is the newest member of Roland's popular and widely acclaimed XP Series of advanced music workstations. It offers renowned sound quality, expandability, an enhanced display and upgraded professional sequencing features at a new level of affordability.


The XP-60 Music Workstation is the newest member of Roland's popular and widely acclaimed XP Series of advanced music workstations. Built on the concept of a powerful, integrated workstation which is equally at home in the studio or on stage, the XP-60 brings unrivaled Roland sound quality and upgraded professional features to a new level of affordability.

* Equivalent to 16MB and 80MB, respectively, in 16-bit linear format.

Defining the Professional Music Workstation
It's no secret that there are many music workstations on the market. Yet one family of advanced music workstations has dominated the market for the past three years: Roland's XP Series. Quite simply, the XP-Series are the most popular music workstations on the market because they intelligently combine a streamlined, intuitive user interface, unrivaled Roland sound quality, powerful effects and sequencing capabilities, expandability and a host of subtle "extras" that make them truly elegant instruments. The XP-60 brings many of the acclaimed features of the flagship XP-80 into an affordable 61-note workstation.

Advanced MRC Pro Sequencing with RPS
The XP-60, like the XP-80, offers the elegant and powerful 16-track, 60,000-note MRC Pro Sequencer with non-stop Loop Recording, a sophisticated Groove Quantize function and advanced Realtime Phrase Sequencing (RPS) capabilities. Non-Stop Loop Recording lets users change the track destinations of recorded parts while continuously performing -- greatly speeding up the song creation process. Groove Quantize lets users quantize their sequences to desired timing and velocity using a variety of preset and user-customizable Groove Templates. And the powerful, velocity-sensitive Realtime Phrase Sequencer (RPS) lets users assign full-blown patterns to a single key, ready for instant playback during recording or live performance.

Easy User Interface
All of the power in the world means nothing if a workstation isn't easy and intuitive to use. Thankfully, the XP-60 shares the same great interface as the XP-80. Its large 320 x 80 full-dot backlit LCD provides a wealth of information that corresponds directly to the multi-function buttons below the screen, so users can easily navigate their way through sophisticated operations. And thanks to its intelligent, window-based design, the LCD allows many different operations to be accomplished on the same screen, presenting an efficient, integrated working environment.

World's Finest Arpeggiator
No discussion of the MRC Pro Sequencer would be complete without mentioning its massively powerful Arpeggiator. The Arpeggiator found in the XP-60 is widely regarded as one of the world's best because of its 33 built-in, customizable patterns designed to emulate guitar strums, various chord progressions, and elaborate styles of all types.

Expand Your Sonic Palette
Central to the XP Series is its expandability. In addition to its 512 high-quality preset patches and 8 rhythm sets, the XP-60 features four expansion board slots in which users can install SR-JV80 Series wave expansion boards. 12 boards are currently offered, each containing 8MB* of specialized waveforms ranging from Orchestral and Piano to Techno and Hip-Hop. Several of these boards, including Techno, Bass & Drums and Hip-Hop, offer cutting-edge phrase loops which the XP-60 can sync to MIDI Clock using its onboard Tempo Sync function.
*Equivalent to 16MB in 16-bit linear format.


[Synthesizer Section]
Number of Parts 16 (Part 10: Rhythm Part)
Max. Polyphony 64 voices
Preset Memory Patches: 512, Performances: 64, Rhythm Sets: 8
User Memory Patches: 128, Performances: 32, Rhythm Sets: 2
Effects EFX: 40 sets, Reverb: 1 set (8 types), Chorus: 1 set
Wave Expansion Boards Max.4 Boards * Each Wave Expansion Board includes Patches/Rhythm Sets that make use of the waves on the board.
[Sequencer Section]
Tracks Phrase Tracks (16 MIDI Channels per track): 16, Pattern Tracks* (16 MIDI Channels per track): 1, Tempo Tracks: 1, Beat Tracks: 1
*A maximum of 100 patterns can be created in a Pattern Track.
Internal Memory Songs: 1, Note Capacity: approx. 60,000 notes
Song Length: 9,998 measures
3.5 Inch Micro Floppy Disk Disk Format: 720KB (2DD), 1.44MB (2HD), Note Storage: approx. 90,000 notes (2DD), approx. 180,000 notes (2HD), Song Files: max. 99
Loadable File Formats MRC Pro Songs, Standard MIDI Files (format 0/1), S-MRC Songs (from MC series sequencer), Sound Data Files
Savable File Formats MRC Pro Songs, Standard MIDI Files (format 0/1), Sound Data Files
Resolution 96 ticks per quarter note
Recording Method Realtime, Step
Max. Simultaneous
Input Notes
64 notes (during realtime recording)
Max. Simultaneous
Output Notes
64 notes
Tempo quarter note = 10 to 250, 5 to 500 (with the playback tempo)
Time Signatures 1 to 32/16, 1 to 32/8, 1 to 32/4, 1 to 32/2
Keyboard 61 keys (with velocity and channel aftertouch)
Display 320 x 80 full-dot backlit LCD
Connectors MIX Output (L, R), DIRECT Output (L, R), Phones (Stereo), Hold Pedal, Control Pedal (1,2,3,4), MIDI (IN, OUT, THRU), Click Output
Power Consumption 20W (AC117V/230V/240V)
Dimensions 1,028 (W) x 348 (D) x 97 (H) mm /
40-1/2 x 13-3/4 x 3-7/8 in.
Weight 10.6 kg / 23 lbs. 6 oz.
Accessories Demo Disk, Dance Kit Disk
Options Wave Expansion Boards: SR-JV80 Series

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