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Kurzweil Mark 6 Digital Piano

This full size, 32-voice, 88-note Digital Piano is the Top-of-the-line in Kurzweil's digital pianos series.

Designed for home performers, professionals, and educators, the Mark 6 may have a lot of sizzle, but make no mistake, it is a very serious musical instrument. Highlights include a double-weighted keyboard, a 3.5 inch floppy disk drive, General MIDI compatibility, and an incredible 80-watt, 4-channel sound system.   There are 45 sounds selectable from the front panel plus additional programs available via MIDI, a 5-Song Recorder,  5-Track Sequencer. 5 panel memories allow  you to save your favorite set-ups.  Standard MIDI, Disk Orchestra, and Piano Disc songs can be loaded from floppy disk.  In addition, there are 16 digital effects combinations, including Reverb and Chorus.  With these you can recreate any room ambiance from a large stadium to an intimate supper club.  The Mark 6 comes in a variety of real wood heirloom furniture style cabinets in elegant finishes such as Ebony Polish, White or Ivory Polish, Mahogany  Polish, and Mediterranean Oak Satin, as well as Rosewood Simulated Wood. By any standard, the Mark 6 is a Digital Piano with the power to please even the most discriminating critics.


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