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Kurzweil Mark 8 Digital Piano

Kurzweil's entry level MARK 8 Digital Ensemble, has the award winning Kurzweil sound and features you would find in a much more expensive instrument. 

Start with a 32-voice, 88-note full size Digital Piano, include 32 Auto Accompaniments, a 5-Song Recorder, 5-Track Sequencer and a  3.5 inch floppy disk drive.  Add 16 Effects, a 40-watt, stereo sound system, General MIDI and you have got quite a music making machine. There are 68 exciting sounds selectable from the front panel from the 150 available programs. Standard MIDI, Disk Orchestra, and Piano Disc songs can be loaded from floppy disk.  This is more then a digital piano. It is an orchestra of sounds with a percussion section, back ground players and a soloist - You!.  Make it as easy as you like or set it for full professional play.  Either way the Mark 8 is filled with fun and the joy of making music.  Available in Simulated Oak, Cherry and Black Walnut.

The 32 Auto Accompaniments can play a wide variety of musical styles  and rhythm patterns so everyone can be involved in the fun. Feel the heat as you sizzle to the exotic beats of the Caribbean and Latin America  with Rhumba, Samba, Bossanova, Cha Cha and Salsa. Come back to the  good ol' USA with Ragtime, Country, Broadway, Gospel, R&B, and Rock & Roll. Recreate the golden age of Jazz with Big Band, Swing, Jazz Waltz, and, Dixie.

Kurzweil is famous for award winning sound quality.  Our acoustic piano, electric piano, and organ sounds are truly world class, but it doesn't stop there.  A grand orchestra is available for you to conduct. A stunning array of virtuoso quality solo instruments are at your command, as are entire sections of strings, brass, woodwinds, and reeds.  Rich, vibrant violins, cellos, trumpets, trombones, clarinets, saxes, French horns, guitars, marimbas, accordion, harmonica, and more await your command to play. 

You can combine sounds, split the keyboard, transpose, and layer sounds in many different and useful ways.  Preserve your new musical masterpiece on the built-in recorder/sequencer and save your orchestration, effects, and favorite panel settings for future use.  You can practice privately with headphones  or fill the room with music.  Just be prepared for the fun, excitement, and musical joy that only Kurzweil brings you.


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