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Kurzweil Mark 110 Digital Piano



Kurzweil Mark 110 Digital Piano

Good things really do come in small packages!

The Mark 110 in its 3' 7" mini-grand cabinet is just the thing for a summer home, condo or any setting where space is a consideration. Whether in a home, school, church or on stage, the Mark 110 provides Kurzweil's high quality sampled sounds and is available in 4 finishes: Ebony, Ivory, White, and Mahogany.

The Mark 110 features a superb-sounding 130-watt four-channel audio system with four custom speakers, designed in conjunction with Boston Acoustics. It includes volume, bass and treble controls and two headphone jacks for private practice.

As with all Mark Series digital ensembles, you can layer two sounds for added depth and fullness, or split the keyboard to play complex arrangements with just two hands, by placing different sounds on different parts of the keyboard.

The comprehensive auto-accompaniment section of the Mark 110 includes 32 professionally-orchestrated musical styles, complete with introductions, variations, fills, breaks and endings. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, auto-accompaniment will enhance your playing - in any musical style.

In addition to the 32 styles in the auto-accompaniment section, you can add more styles and sounds  via the disk drive. You can download Styles and SoundBytes at no charge from our web site.

The MIDI-compatible 8-track recorder/sequencer lets you record your own music, build sophisticated arrangements, or play back songs loaded from a variety of publisher's disks in a wide range of formats. The sequencer records up to eight songs, each with up to eight tracks, and allows them to be stored on disk.

Both Kurzweil and our Mark Series have long-standing reputations for superb audio quality. In the Mark 110, our dedication to perfection is taken to its greatest extent, with a combination of our acclaimed sounds and a sophisticated audio system.


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