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Kurzweil Mark 152 Digital Piano



Kurzweil Mark 152 Digital Piano

If you are looking for the ultimate in digital pianos, the Mark 152 is your only choice.

A digital piano designed in an authentic Young Change grand piano cabinet, the Mark 152 offers the features of the Mark 12 in a grand cabinet. It includes SRS "3D Stereo Sound". SRS offers a stunning surround-sound effect without the need for additional speakers- a dramatic improvement in sound quality and projection that will revolutionize the way you expect a digital piano to sound. Other features include sustain, sostenuto and soft pedals, a Boston-style fallboard, and an 88-note weighted keyboard with three degree tilt, just like the finest concert grand pianos. And its comfortable and supportive grand piano bench opens for storage.

This unique instrument is available in a wide variety of finishes to complement any lifestyle or decor: Ebony, White, Ivory, and Mahogany polish, and Mediterranean Oak satin.


In addition to SRS, the Mark 152 includes 325 unequaled sampled sounds that maintain the Kurzweil tradition of the finest sound quality in the industry. The Mark 12 features a superb Concert Grand Piano; new French Horns; snare drum with brushes; harmon-muted trumpet; arpeggiated or solo harp; pizzicato strings; banjo; nylon string guitar and hundreds more sounds on which the best composers and arrangers in the music business  rely.

In addition, the Mark 152 offers 64 user-editable auto-accompaniment styles. We hired some of the best arrangers working today to create the most realistic sounding styles on ANY digital instrument. These styles are undoubtedly the finest Kurzweil has ever produced. We've made it so easy to use that Mark 152 owners can even create their own styles.


The Mark12's display provides easy-to-read, "no jargon" text, with intuitive menu choices. Its a snap to use everything the Mark 12 offers. With the Mark 12, it's easy to find the sound you want. Simply push a button to get to your favorite instrument, or press the "menu select" button for a list of sounds related to the category you've chosen. And with the Mark 12's disk drive, you don't have to wait while a song  loads from a disk - the Mark 12 can read a song directly from the disk and play it - like a CD player. And just like a CD player, you can play songs in order or randomly shuffle-play them. The Mark12's innovative Edu-Games feature encourages everyone to have fun by sharpening their skills while learning important musical concepts. Edu-Games include harmonic, melodic and rhythmic ear training games. There is also a scale tester and chord dictionary which helps you learn your scales and chords. This is a $400 additional software package everywhere else. We build it into the Mark 12!


This exclusive feature means exactly what it says:  ANYONE can play. The Mark 152 makes every note sound right. Use Anyone Can Play with auto-accompaniments; or Kurzweil's Interactive Music Disk Collection. With Anyone Can Play, even a non-musician can get full enjoyment from the Mark 152.

The Mark 152 features an easy to use 16-track recorder/sequencer. The Mark 152's  Flash ROM insures against system obsolescence. As Kurzweil develops new and better software, Flash ROM offers you permanent system upgrades- AND THEY'RE FREE.


The Mark 152's Drawbar Organ feature enables you to program and save your own custom organ registrations. Unlike other instruments which limit you to a fixed number of organ presets, the Mark 152's organ is limitless.

If you are a church musician or a jazz player, this is the digital ensemble for you. Like the highly successful Mark 150, the Mark 152 is available in a variety of Real Wood Finishes to complement any decor. The cabinet and audio system have been custom co-designed  with world-renowned Boston Acoustics to provide the finest sounding digital ensemble you have ever heard.


As the Flagship of Kurzweil's Mark Series and in keeping with our desire to present a continuous line of quality digital instruments, all sequences, song disks, style disk and SoundByte libraries created for or on the Mark 10, Mark 150, and Mark 150 Plus will work perfectly on the Mark 152.


Both Kurzweil and our Mark Series have long-standing reputations for superb audio quality. In the Mark 152, our dedication to perfection is taken to its greatest extent, with a combination of our acclaimed sounds and our most sophisticated audio system. The Mark 152 literally fills the room with rich, beautiful, instrumental sounds.

The audio system features seven independent amplifiers and speakers, custom-designed to emulate a real acoustic grand piano - with the lid opened or closed - so effectively that it is almost impossible for listeners to believe that they are not hearing an acoustic instrument.

The Mark 152 also features transposition and tuning functions; continuous volume, bass and treble controls; and two headphone jacks.


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