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Korg C150 Digital Piano


The C-150 is designed to take the modern art of making music to new heights of creative expression in a compact, light-weight and surprisingly affordable piano. Equipped with some of the same great digital sounds found on other Korg Concert Pianos, the C-150 features the expressive dynamic control and easy playability that sets all Korg Concert Pianos apart.

Select from an impressive variety of clear, lifelike musical instrument sounds like Piano, Electric Piano, Harpsichord, Vibes, Organ and Strings, that have been accurately recorded using the latest digital technology for realism you have to hear to believe. To add to your playing enjoyment, two sounds can be layered together (like piano and strings) for greater depth and richness.

The C-150 features a full 88-note weighted action keyboard that gives you the solid responsive feel of a concert instrument. You can select from three types of touch control - light, standard or heavy - for even more personalized performance. Traditional Damper and Soft/Sostenuto pedals provide superior expressive control. And the C-150 never requires costly tuning or maintenance.

Like other Concert Pianos, you can play through the C-150's built-in stereo speaker system, or through its two headphone outputs that allow you to play and practice with a friend in complete privacy. The C-150 comes with a Recorder, so you can save songs and play along. It is MIDI-capable, allowing you to connect it to your personal computer for lessons, song playback and fun! The C-150 also comes with other versatile features like key transpose, pitch control, two selectable temperaments and a programmable metronome.

A beautiful modern instrument in every sense of the word, the C-150 features a classic stand design and luxurious black walnut finish.


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