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Korg C350 Digital Piano


To the discriminating player, accurate piano touch and feel are as indispensable as sound and tone. The C-350's 88-note full-scale keyboard is designed to carefully reproduce the feel of an acoustic piano's hammer action. Plus, its Key Touch control lets you adjust the keyboard's response to meet your personal taste.

The C-350 comes with six different, beautiful instrument sounds. Plus, built-in sound enhancement technology like Reverb, Chorus and Brilliance controls make the C-350 come to life in any performance space. Just like a fine acoustic grand, the C-350 includes three pedals: damper, soft and sostenuto. The damper and soft pedals respond to the depth to which they are pressed for even more sophisticated control.

With an elegant, rich dark-brown maple finish, music desk and key cover, the C-350 has a classic acoustic piano look. It sports a wealth of convenient and advanced features like a built-in recorder, layer capability, built-in metronome, and dual headphone jacks so you can listen with a friend. Plus, MIDI capability, key transpose, pitch control, traditional early music temperaments, an audio input, and a line output for connecting into other speaker systems, and more. The C-350 even comes with a built-in computer interface, so you can connect it directly to your computer using a single cable.


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