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Roland EG-101 Digital Piano

The EG-101 GrooveKeyboard is the perfect keyboard for those who want to enter the world of groove-based music making, or for those who simply want to add some cool dance music sounds and styles into the mix. This all-in-one dance music instrument includes the popular sound set of the MC-303 Groovebox, as well as onboard sampling capabilities and the futuristic infrared light-sensing D-Beam* controller.


Popular Groove Sounds from the MC-303

In designing the groove music-oriented sound set for this all-in-one groove and dance music workstation, Roland engineers went right to the sourcethe popular MC-303 Groovebox. This gave the EG-101 all 448 cool sounds that made the original Groovebox so successfulphat bass sounds, funky synth sounds, ambient sounds, traditional instrument sounds, sound effects and more. Plus 12 classic drum kits including big 808 and 909 sets, acoustic kits, Latin kits and enough percussion instruments to build deep, floor-pounding grooves from the ground up, with all the right accents.

Professional-Quality Onboard Styles

Like the MC-303 and MC-505 Grooveboxes, the EG-101 includes a full catalog of ready-to-use onboard dance music styles, ranging from floor-pounding techno to hip-hop, Latin and pop. Without exception, these killer styles were pro-grammed with an eye toward the latest groove music trends, ensuring that even those new to music making will enjoy cutting-edge beats and arrangements from day one.

There are 64 Preset styles total, and users can choose from six variations per style, muting or soloing individual instru-ment parts and linking them together with other styles to form complete songs and dance mixes "on the fly," DJ-style.  There are also 64 User memories where more experi-enced EG-101 users can create and store their own creations using the onboard RPS phrases.

Built-In Sampling

Because so much of groove music relies on the use of sam-pled beats and phrases, the EG-101 includes a full-featured phrase sampler similar to that of BOSSs popular SP-202 Dr. Sample. The EG-101 can capture and loop up to 16 different samples from external audio sources like CDs, tapes and records. These samples can be triggered directly from the 49-note velocity-sensitive keyboard, and used in conjunction with the EG-101s backing music patterns. Up to 32 seconds of sampling is available in Hi-Fi mode, while up to 128 sec-onds is available in Lo-Fi mode. And users are free to tweak these samples using built-in Pitch Shift, Time Stretch, Ring Modulation and Filter effects. Sampled beats can be substi-tuted for the drum tracks, and sampled drum sounds can be dropped right into arranger patterns. Best of all, the EG-101 provides Auto Sync capability between samples, onboard styles and realtime phrase sequences.

Sound Tweaking and Realtime Performance Controls

Designed for live performance, the EG-101 allows users to tweak sounds and grooves easily just by selecting a track and using three dedicated knobs. These knobs allow real time control of filter sweeps and resonance effects, like an old-school synth, and cool panning changes that sync to BPM. Reverb level and depth is also adjustable in real time.  Other cool live-performance features include the built-in Realtime Phrase Sequencer and Arpeggiator. The Realtime Phrase Sequencer contains hundreds of dance music phrases ready to be triggered and combined into thousands of new dance tracks. These phrases are like small pieces of patterns, and its up to EG-101 users to combine them into complete tracks. In RPS mode, one phrase is assigned to each key over an octave on the keyboard, and there are 64 sets of phrases to choose from. The EG-101s onboard Arpeggiator, on the other hand, works much like that of the popular MC-303, creating cool rhythmic patterns when a user holds down complete chords or even single keys. An onboard Tap Tempo button allows users to sync the arpeggiation, real-time phrase sequences, samples and onboard patterns sim-ply by "tapping" at the desired tempo for four beats.

The Futuristic D-Beam" Controller

The ultimate live performance controller is undoubtedly the onboard D-Beam" controller. This futuristic device lets EG-101 users control cutoff and resonance, tempo adjustment and even ad-lib via hand and body movement through its infrared beam of light. The sound and groove-modifying possibilities of this control are extensive, really adding to the visual impact of EG-101 performance.

Input and Output

For singers and rappers, the EG-101 offers a built-in mic input which can be used in conjunction with the sampler and the sample-tweaking effects. When its time for play-back, this cool keyboard boasts a big-sounding 30-watt stereo speaker system with a two-way Bass Reflex design. Finally, for users who are ready to connect to additional MIDI instruments, the EG-101 offers MIDI In and Out.

* D-Beam" technology has been licensed from Interactive Light, Inc.

D-Beam Effect List

1. Modulation 14. Acc&ABs On/Off
2. Pitch Bend Up 15. Acc&ADr On/Off
3. Pitch Bend Dwn 16. Chromatic Scale
4. Cut&Reso Up 17. TCH Tcherepnin's Scale
5. Cut&Reso Down 18. Spanish Scale
6. Tempo Up 19. Blues Mixolydian Scale
7. Tempo Down 20. Combination of Diminished Scale
8. Arr Start/Stop 21. Diatonic Major Scale
9. Fill To Var/Or 22. Natural Minor Scale
10. ADrum On/Off 23. Harmonic Major Scale
11. ABass On/Off 24. Harmonic Minor Scale
12. Accomp On/Off 25. Double Harmonic Scale
13. ABs&ADr On/Off


Keyboard:  49-key, velocity-sensitive
Max. Polyphony:  24 voices
Multitimbral Parts:  11
No. of Tones:  448 Tones and 12 Drum Kits
Effects:  Cutoff, Resonance, Pan, Reverb (Time/Level), Part Volume

Music Styles: 64 styles with 5 Divisions each, Basic and Advanced for all Divisions, 64 User memories
RPS: 64 Preset memories, 64 User memories
Sampler: 4 Pads x 4 Banks, Up to 32 sec. in HI-FI grade, 128 LO-FI grade
Sampler Effects:  Pitch Shift, Time Stretch, Ring Mod, Filter
Arpeggio Type: Up, Down, Up/Down, Random

Recorder:  One-track
Display:  3 x 7-segment LED
Amplification:  Stereo 15W + 15W output musical power, two-way Bass Reflex system
Connectors: Output: 2 x RCA (L/Mono, R), Input: 2 x RCA (L/Mono R), Foot Switch, Headphones, MIDI (In, Out), DC In
Power Supply:  DC 12V

Current Draw:  2A
Dimensions:  835 (W) x377 (D) x192 (H) mm (32-7/8" x 14-7/8" x 7-9/16")
Weight:  11 kg (24 lbs. 5 oz.)

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