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Cakewalk Metro 4


Professional MIDI and digital audio recording for the Mac¾Now with notation!


If you're a musician producing your own music, you know that controlling the quality and cost of your recordings requires a computer-based project studio. One based on sophisticated MIDI and digital audio recording software.

Unfortunately, you've always had to choose between spending a lot of money or a lot of time. Either purchase expensive Macintosh software that includes integrated MIDI and digital audio software; or buy affordable but separate MIDI and digital audio software and try to integrate tracks after recording.

Now there's a better way - Cakewalk Metro 4. The first music software for the Macintosh to deliver integrated MIDI sequencing and multitrack digital audio recording, editing and real-time processing for less than $200 (U.S.).

Produce music and sound projects fast
Metro 4 is a full-featured music and sound authoring tool, enabling you to produce all your music and sound projects:
  • Record any instrument or sound source¾including guitars, keyboards, horns, strings, and vocals.
  • Produce and remix techno, hip-hop and dance tracks with incredible speed.
  • Record, edit and mix your band's entire demo tape or CD project.
  • Jump-start your creativity using the Rhythm Explorer and Note Spray tools.
  • Create sound tracks for any film or video project.
  • Compose scores for Apple® QuickTime" movies, the platform-standard for multimedia delivery on the Mac.

Figure 1: Metro 4 full screen

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"Impressively, even though fantastic capabilities have been added to Metro, the price has been kept to less than $200. There's no question that Metro is the ideal solution for Power Mac users on a budget."

- Northeast Performer, April 1998

Key Features

While Metro 4 is affordable, it delivers the kind of digital audio, MIDI, and editing features you find in software five times the price. Key features include:

Record and edit multitrack digital audio
Now you can experience the power and flexibility of non-linear digital audio recording for a fraction of the cost of a tape-based multitrack system. Metro 4 supports up to 64 tracks of simultaneous digital audio and provides an intuitive graphic editor for quickly editing and processing digital audio waveforms. You can edit audio down to sample-rate accuracy. Plus perform audio edits on multiple tracks simultaneously.

It also provides you with variable audio sampling rates from 11.025 kHz to 48 kHz, so you can choose the resolution you need for a given application. Use low resolutions for Web-based delivery, or high resolutions for music CD authoring or film/video projects. (Note that 48 kHz requires a Macintosh with Apple's A/V option or the 1212 I/O).

Edit and print professional notation
Metro 4 provides professional-quality notation capabilities for MIDI tracks, allowing you to create, edit, and print lyrics and music as full scores or individual parts. Beyond the standard notation features, Metro's notation includes percussion and movable C-clefs, support for multiple lyrics lines on a single verse, dynamics symbols, rehearsal markings, page text, measure and repeat marks, and expression markings and text.

 Record and edit MIDI professionally
In addition to new audio capabilities, Metro 4 delivers some of the most professional MIDI sequencing and editing features on the market. You can:

Explore new rhythms
It's fast and easy to create dynamic drum fills, swing patterns, trills and grooves with the Rhythm ExplorerTM. This feature enables you to quickly audition and alter rhythmic parameters in real-time. Metro 4 features two arpeggiation algorithms for creating harmonic arpeggiations with independent rhythms in real-time.

Create chord changes easily
Composing has never been easier. Just add harmonic changes to a song by typing chords directly into a track from your computer keyboard. Creating chord progressions is as simple as typing G9 Dm A7 G.

Break through creative impasses
Paint a musical canvas with your mouse using the Note SprayTM tool. Use it to generate notes with pitch, key, rhythm and velocity parameters within a range of your design. Or improvise freely. It's a great way to create drum fills, new melodies, and harmonic structures. And an outstanding composition tool.

Includes real-time audio effects
Cakewalk Metro 4 provides a comprehensive suite of audio effects for real-time processing and off-line edits, including:

Simply double-click effects onto tracks as Track Inserts. Track Inserts are analogous to "channel inserts" on a mixer, enabling you to splice effects directly in-line with a track.

Delivers powerful audio editing
In addition, you get powerful audio editing features including:

Add third-party audio plug-ins
You can always add more effects processing power when needed with third-party audio plug-ins. Metro 4 supports Adobe Premiere-compatible or VST-compatible audio plug-ins.

Expand your multi-channel audio hardware
While Metro 4 does not require additional audio hardware, you have the option of upgrading your Mac-based system for improved multi-channel I/O. Metro 4 supports the Sonorus STUDI/O, the Korg Soundlink DRS 1212 I/O PCI card and the Digidesign Audiomedia III card. These cards offer outstanding I/O functionality without the added cost of redundant DSP hardware.

Create scores for film, video, and QuickTime movies
Metro 4 provides a complete solution for scoring to visual media. Enabling you to chase-lock sync MIDI tracks to SMPTE/MTC timing.

Metro 4 supports 29.97 frames per second, as well as "word clock" synchronization of audio and MIDI for the highest degree of accuracy.

For scoring desktop multimedia applications, it synchronizes to QuickTime movies. You can perform "post production" simply by importing and exporting audio to and from QuickTime movies.

The best value in integrated digital audio and MIDI software
Whatever your music and sound project, you need digital audio and MIDI software that is both integrated and affordable. And for that, there is only one solution¾the new Cakewalk Metro 4 for the Macintosh. Get it today!

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Recording MIDI and Audio

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