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Steinberg Cubase VST/XT

More about the VST System

Steinberg's Virtual Studio Technology turns your PowerPC or Pentium computer into a music production power-house.

Up to 32 tracks of CD quality digital audio, complete with up to 128 real-time equalizers. Two professional effect racks, each with 4 totally independent effect slots. Expandability, with both software Effect PlugIns, for unlimited effects expansion, and a fully fledged audio bus system for use with the latest generation of multi IO audio cards.

And Cubase would not be Cubase without its real-time MIDI technology and its professional score layout and printing possibilities.

" MIDI Sequencing
" Hard Disk Recording
" Real-Time Audio Processing
" Automation
" Effect-Processing
" Open PlugIn Architecture
" Wide Range of Third-Party PlugIns available
" ASIO - Audio Stream I/O Devices supported by many Multi I/O Hardware Manufacturers
" Score Layout and Printing

" Cubase Audio XT includes all of the standard features of Cubase, plus professional score features, and adds support for legacy Digital Audio I/O, such as Digidesign's Pro Tools and Session 8, and Yamaha's CBX series. Note: VST features are not supported with these interfaces.

" Run your entire ProTools System with up to 48 Tracks of Digital Audio from within Cubase.

" Cubase Audio XT supports the Digidesign Audio Engine which gives you access to a range of DAE-compatible Audio Interfaces for Recording and Playback of Digital Audio.

Cubase Audio XT contains all the features of Cubase and Cubase Score, plus Extended Device Support for the following:

on Apple Macintosh and Power Mac:
" Extended Device Support

Digidesign TDM system on PC/Windows 95:
" Digidesign Session 8 and AudioMedia III
" Akai DR8 / DR 16 Hard Disc Recorder
" Yamaha CBX-D5/ CBX-D3

PC System Requirements

" Pentium 133 MHz or faster
" Minimum 16 MB RAM, recommended 32 MB RAM
" Windows 95
" MME or ASIO compatible soundcard

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