Cakewalk StudioMix

The hands-on studio experience
Now you dont have to choose between a hardware- or software-based multitrack studio.

From Peavey and Cakewalktwo leaders in music and sound technology comes StudioMix, the integrated multitrack recording software and mixing console for PCs.

StudioMix combines the best of both worlds fast, flexible multitrack software and professional, customizable mixing hardware all in one seamlessly integrated system.

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Figure 1: StudioMix Mixing Console

The next step in the digital revolution offers

  • The power and flexibility of multitrack audio and MIDI software
  • The control and precision of professional mixing hardware
  • The convenience of one integrated system
  • Eight CD-quality audio tracks
  • Up to 256 virtual digital audio tracks
  • Up to 256 MIDI tracks
  • Up to eight 32-bit real time effects
  • Motorized faders

Record it
The StudioMix software lets you record and edit multiple tracks of digital audio and MIDI using intuitive, non-linear editing tools. Quickly "cut-and-paste" tracks and clips any way you choose. And with unlimited "undo" levels, you can always get back to the original take. Which means youre free to experiment and be more creative.

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Figure 2: StudioMix
Track View

Mix it
The StudioMix console gives you hands-on precision and control. Its "real feel" faders and knobs let you create high-quality mixes without the high cost of studio rental fees. You can customize the console by re-assigning faders, knobs and buttons to different mixing parameters. All fader and knob movements are captured in the software for instant recall of any projects mixer scene. And motorized faders ensure that the software and console are always in sync during record/playback, for true studio automation.

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Figure 3: StudioMix
Software Console

Expand it
With StudioMix you never have to worry about your studio becoming obsolete. Simply expand the StudioMix system as needed. Upgrade the multitrack software for the latest feature enhancements, and add more audio effects plug-ins as you go.

Get your hands on it
Its time to take control of your music. Get the hands-on way to record and mix on a PCwith StudioMix.

StudioMix feature highlights

Multitrack mixing console

  • 8 independent track control modules, each assignable to any audio or MIDI track
  • Assignable faders and rotary encoder knob for volume, pan, track send (audio only), chorus and reverb (MIDI only)
  • Assignable module buttons to track arm/mute/solo, and aux send enable (audio only)
  • 1 Main/Aux Master control module (audio only)
  • 5 programmable command macro buttons
  • Motorized faders per module, programmable via software; fader positions update for studio automation
  • "Tape-deck" transport controls for software and MMC control
  • Toggle between MMC and software transport controls
  • Jog/Shuttle control wheel
  • Audio input/output controls
  • Audio monitoring controls
  • Audio card mixing
  • Mic gain
  • Line gain
  • Mix out
  • Monitor

Mixing console I/O

  • Stereo tape in/tape out
  • Stereo/mono monitor out
  • Sound card stereo in/out
  • Stereo line in
  • Mic in
  • MIDI in/out/thru ports

Multitrack recording software

Multitrack digital audio

  • Record and play back up to eight simultaneous tracks of CD-quality audio in synchronization with MIDI tracks.
  • Bounce audio tracks for a total of 256 audio tracks.
  • Record audio at variable sampling rates of up to 48 kHz.
  • Quickly perform multitrack audio edits with sample-rate accuracy.

Powerful audio editing

  • Cut
  • Copy 
  • Paste
  • Normalize
  • Fade/Envelope
  • Crossfade
  • Reverse Audio

32-bit, real-time effects

  • Powerful audio effects optimized for 32-bit floating-point processing.
  • 32-bit, stereo effects include:
  • Parametric EQ
  • Reverb
  • Delay
  • Echo
  • Flange
  • Chorus
  • Pitch shifting
  • Apply up to eight simultaneous ef fects in real-time.
  • Support for DirectX audio plug-ins. Simply add more effects as needed using DirectX-compatible audio plug-ins like Cakewalk Audio FX 1Cakewalk Audio FX 2, Cakewalk Audio FX 3 and QSound QTools/AX (sold separately).

Edit MIDI in multiple views
For maximum flexibility, edit MIDI tracks using the tools and views that best suit your work style. MIDI views include graphical Piano/Controller, detailed Event List, synchronized Lyrics, System Exclusive view and real-time notation displaying and editing.

Edit and print notation
Compose and print multitrack notation of your arrangements in sizable fonts. Notate up to 24 staves per page with:

  • Guitar chord grids
  • Percussion notation
  • Lyrics
  • Title
  • Composer name
  • Expression text
  • Hairpins
  • Pedal markings
  • Enharmonic spellings.

Automate your studio
In addition to the StudioMix hardware console, integrate and automate other popular studio gear into your StudioMix system. Software includes ready-to-use virtual control panels for many of todays MIDI-compatible devices.

Customize edits and macros
Use the Cakewalk Application Language (CAL) to speed up common tasks and create custom editing commands, like quantization routines, chord builders, data thinners, and drum maps. Create macros by recording keystrokes and mouse movements. Then assign your favorite macros to the five macro buttons on the StudioMix hardware console.

Mixing console for MIDI and audio
Use the StudioMix console to control multitrack mixing software. All mixing capabilities in this editing window are linked to the console hardware. Producing MIDI and audio tracks has never been faster and more intuitive.

  • Arm, record, mute and solo tracks
  • Monitor audio record levels
  • Patch audio ef fects
  • Create stereo sub-mixes and master ef fects
  • Assign MIDI channels, ports, patches and banks
  • Re-route audio I/O
  • Define auxiliary busses
  • Automate volume and panning levels
  • Customize console layout

Flexible recording modes

  • Loop with multi-take option
  • Sound-on-sound
  • Punch in/punch out on the fly
  • Plus step-record mode for MIDI.

Navigate with markers
Navigate quickly through your recording project by pointing and clicking on a list of text cues. Ideal for scoring film, video, and multimedia projects.

Sync AVI, MPEG, and QuickTime video
With the proliferation of affordable digital video capture boards, and widespread distribution of digital video in multimedia and over the Internet, the time has never been better for you to make the leap to desktop video production.  StudioMix is the perfect multimedia solution to complement your video editing software and hardware.

While many audio editing programs only allow you to open digital video files and "freewheel" them to your audio tracks,  StudioMix lets you open AVI, MPEG, and QuickTime video files and then sync them with frame-accuracy to 8 audio and up to 256 MIDI tracks   You can then edit the existing audio or create your own soundtracks and sound effects.  Then export your finished project to AVI- perfect for any multimedia project.

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Figure 4: Video playback window

SMPTE/MTC support
Timing is everything, especially when scoring for film and video. To synchronize audio and MIDI tracks to film and video, you need software that can "chase-lock" to SMPTE timecode for frame-by-frame accuracy. StudioMix provides simultaneous chase-lock synchronization of both audio and MIDI tracks to an external SMPTE clock source. Or if you prefer, turn off chase-lock to conserve CPU power, and synchronize to your MIDI device, sound card, or system clock.

Prepare music and sound for the Internet
The World Wide Web has made distributing your music fast and easy. Particularly when you can save music and sound from StudioMix directly to RealNetworks' RealMedia" file format, the industry standard for streaming audio and MIDI over the Internet. Adding music to your own Web site, or making it available on sites like that of the Internet Underground MusicArchive (, has never been more convenient.

System requirements

Windows 95/98: Pentium 120 MHz or higher; 16 MB RAM
Windows NT 4.0: Pentium 120 MHz or higher; 32 MB RAM

StudioMix hardware and software work with Windows compatible sound cards and/or MIDI interfaces. Sound card required for digital audio record/playback. Printer and MIDI instrument optional.

CD-ROM drive required.

All cables and adapters included.


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