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Cakewalk Home Studio 8
The easiest way to create music and sound on a PC


Cakewalk Home Studio 8 is the newest edition of the world's #1-selling music and sound software for the home. It's the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to create music and sound on a PC.

You can get started fast with online tutorials. Play along with over 30 song files. Easily record new music with any instrument or vocals. Or use the Virtual PianoTM to play and record music with a mouse or PC keyboard.

Then cut, copy, paste, and mix your tracks, and play it all back. Modify notes with the click of the mouse. And when you're finished, print beautiful sheet music.  Even open and view a video file while you create a soundtrack or add sound effects¾ perfect for enhancing your home movies.

There's no easier way to turn your PC into a home recording studio.  Whether you're in a band or choral group, or playing for personal enjoyment, Home Studio 8 is for you.

New in Home Studio 8

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Cakewalk Home Studio 8
Figure 1: Cakewalk Home Studio 8

Feature Highlights


Multitrack digital audio
Record and play back up to four audio tracks along with MIDI. Record audio at variable sampling rates (11.025, 22.050, 44.1 and 48 kHz). Quickly perform multitrack audio edits: cut, copy, paste, split, combine¾with simple mouse clicks. Edit any section of audio with sample accuracy.

32-bit, real-time audio effects processing
Give your music that "pro" sound with 32-bit real-time effects like reverb and chorus.  Even change the pitch of vocals or other audio tracks while they play back.

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Cakewalk Home Studio 8
Figure 2: Real-time Chorus

Support for real-time, DirectX audio plug-ins
When you're ready to expand your suite of audio processing effects, just add any DirectX- compatible audio plug-in. Home Studio 8 runs DirectX plug-ins in real-time as stereo effects, or as off-line edits. With support for DirectX, the industry-standard for audio plug-ins, Home Studio 8 provides a way for you to increase your audio effects capabilities as needed. There is a wide range of available DirectX plug-ins from which to choose, including the Cakewalk Audio FX 1 Dynamics Processor, Cakewalk Audio FX 2 Analog Tape/Amp Simulator, and Cakewalk Audio FX 3 SoundStage Designer.

Graphical audio mixing
Draw lines and curves on top of your audio to accurately change volume and pan information.   Creating a mix has never been more intuitive.

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Cakewalk Home Studio 8
Figure 3: Graphical audio mixing


MIDI recording and editing
Record up to 256 tracks of MIDI using a MIDI keyboard or other MIDI instrument. Then edit MIDI tracks with the tools and views that best suit you. Home Studio 8 features the following editing views for MIDI:

Cakewalk MIDI FX
Apply real-time effects to your MIDI tracks, just like audio effects. Use effects in real-time on input and during playback, or apply them as off-line edits.   MIDI FX include quantize, delay/echo, and MIDI event filter.

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Figure 4: MIDI FX Delay/Echo

Create stunning sheet music
Watch as your notes appear instantly on screen while you record! View and edit your composition in standard notation, and then print sheet music of your complete arrangements or individual parts, in sizable fonts. Notation features:

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Cakewalk Home Studio 8
Figure 5: Cakewalk Staff View


Create soundtracks for digital video movies
With the advent of affordable digital video hardware and software, the time has never been better for you to make the leap to desktop video production.  Cakewalk Home Studio is the perfect audio complement to the video editing software that came bundled with your video capture board.

While many audio editing programs only allow you to open digital video files and "freewheel" them to your audio tracks, Cakewalk Home Studio 8 lets you import AVI, MPEG, and QuickTime video files and then sync them with frame-accuracy to audio and MIDI tracks. You can edit the existing audio or create your own soundtracks and sound effects.  Then export your finished project to AVI ¾perfect for enhancing home movies and multimedia presentations.

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Figure 6: Video playback window

True integration of audio & MIDI
Cakewalk Home Studio 8 is a truly integrated music and sound workstation. Most editing commands and features enable you to alter audio data in the same familiar way as you would MIDI events. Features:

The Console view¾ a great way to create music and sound
You're in control of a studio mixing board. Designed to simulate a professional mixing console, the new Console view is a single, convenient window from which you can control all your sound projects. It enables you to arm and record tracks, apply processing effects, create sub-mixes, automate volume and panning levels, and more. All in real-time. You can:

Global track editing
Home Studio 8 gives you the freedom to be more creative. You can easily record multiple takes on separate tracks, plus copy and paste different sections to create the ideal performance. Use the "bird's eye" Track view to quickly arrange and preview MIDI and audio tracks. Arrange and edit multitrack sections of music using flexible clips Arranging your music is as easy as cutting and pasting, or dragging and dropping your clips to when and where you want to hear them

Integrate and automate your studio hardware with Cakewalk® StudioWareTM
Cakewalk StudioWare lets you control MIDI-compatible hardware from within Cakewalk Home Studio 8 using a virtual control panel that emulates the hardware. Cakewalk provides StudioWare panels for popular studio gear including:

Compose for the Internet
The World Wide Web has made distributing your music fast and easy. Particularly when you can save music and sound from Home Studio 8 directly to RealNetworks' RealMedia file format, the industry standard for streaming audio and MIDI over the Internet. Adding music to your own web site, or making it available on sites like the Internet Underground Music Archive (, has never been more convenient.

Enhanced user interface
Home Studio 8 includes numerous user interface enhancements to help you increase your productivity. User interface enhancements include lasso zooming and othe zoom enhancements, loop and auto-punch markers, event list display filter, and more.

Open and edit multiple files simultaneously
Home Studio 8 enables you to open and access multiple files simultaneously, so it's easy to copy and paste sections of MIDI and audio from one project to another. It's a simple "drag-and-drop."

Custom screen layouts
Configure Home Studio 8 to the way you want to work, then save your custom screen layouts. Or create different layouts for different editing sessions. Home Studio 8 automatically saves your layout for works in progress, allowing you to reload the file later exactly where you left off.

Custom presets
Create your own customized editing presets. Many commands enable you save parameters as presets for later use, including all DirectX and MIDI FX plug-ins loaded by Home Studio 8; quantize; fade; crossfade; and more.

On-screen tutorials
New Cakewalk TECHniques on-screen tutorials give you a head start on all of the new features and functionality. There's no faster way to learn about Home Studio 8. Whether you consider yourself a novice or a veteran, you'll appreciate getting a jump-start on the new Console view, recording audio, and more. Home Studio 8 includes the following tutorials:

Extensive MIDI and audio song files
Home Studio 8 features over 30 high-quality Cakewalk song files by Yes keyboardist Igor Khoroshev. Styles include Orchestral, Ska, Acid Jazz, Techno, Alternative, and more. Also included is Theme from Dark Matter, a MIDI and audio file from LA film scoring team Shawn Clement & Sean Murray; and two MIDI and audio files by Boston rocker Charlie Farren.

System Requirements

Windows 95/98

Windows NT 4.0

Windows compatible sound card and/or MIDI interface required. (Sound card required for digital audio record/playback). Printer and MIDI instrument optional

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