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The first digital audio and MIDI  recording software for guitarists
  • Produce guitar-based music with full accompaniment
  • Record, edit and mix up to 8 tracks of audio along with MIDI
  • Apply real-time audio effects, like chorus, reverb, echo/delay
  • Compose and arrange MIDI tracks with the Virtual Fretboard
  • Create sheet music with guitar chord
    grids and lyrics
  • Seamless integration with the optional Roland-Ready Strat®
    and the Roland GR-30 guitar synthesizer
  • Best of all, Guitar Studio works with any guitar.

Cakewalk® Guitar Studio
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Key Features
Guitar Studio provides all the tools a guitar player needs to record, edit and mix projects from start to finish.

Multitrack recorder
For many guitar players, the multitrack cassette recorder is a familiar tool. Thats why Guitar Studio provides an on-screen multitrack recording and mixing console that works like a hardware-based, multitrack recorder. From this "Console" view, you can record as many as eight tracks of audio and 256 tracks of MIDI; add real-time effects processing like chorus, reverb and delay; and perform final mix-downs. Plus, you can modify MIDI tracks in real-time.

With eight tracks of digital audio a guitarist can easily record other instruments or vocalists, or use the additional audio tracks to record and mix a project from multiple "takes." Support for 256 MIDI tracks allows the user to compose and arrange any music project with complete orchestration for piano, percussion, strings, or any other instrument.

Global track editor 
For global track editing, Guitar Studio provides an intuitive Track Edit view. You can cut, copy, and paste sections of music with a mouse using familiar drag-and-drop techniques.

Fretboard View
For composing MIDI tracks, Guitar Studio provides the Fretboard view ¾ a virtual guitar neck that enables you to create and edit guitar chords, plus write melody or bass lines. Play an optional MIDI guitar or use your mouse to enter notes on the fretboard.  To learn a new song, you can follow the Fretboard view during playback of MIDI tracks as it displays notes and chords in synchronization with the music.

Synchronized notation
Guitar Studio also features a Staff view that displays notation instantly as you play the fretboard. It enables you to quickly create lead sheets incorporating guitar chord grids, lyrics, and dynamic markings; then print as many as 24 staves per page. 

During playback, Guitar Studio displays notes on the fretboard in synchronization with the accompanying staff. Displaying finger positioning and notation simultaneously is ideal for learning and teaching guitar.

Song Wizard
To help you capture an otherwise fleeting musical inspiration, Guitar Studio features a Song Wizard for creating backing rhythm tracks fast. Select from a wide range of musical styles; pick a tempo and key signature; then type in your chord changes. The Song Wizard instantly creates backing rhythm tracks.  Styles include Rock, Pop, Alternative, R&B, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Reggae/Ska, and Country.

Song Wizard eliminates the need for an external drum machine or MIDI keyboard so guitarists can focus on songwriting. In addition to the collection of musical content provided with Guitar Studio, you can download files from the Internet and other sources.

Roland GR-30 Control Panel
Guitar Studio is seamlessly integrated with the Roland GR-30 guitar synthesizer via an on-screen control panel for accessing the GR-30s wide range of sounds and effects. With the control panel displayed during playback, you can customize instrument patches and change other MIDI-based settings in real-time.

MIDI Guitar Setup
Guitar Studio provides a simple and easy way for the user to control how the program records the input from the MIDI pickup. The Guitar Setup includes MIDI data filtering and string/note mapping.

Guitar tuner 
Quickly and accurately tune your guitar or bass from within Guitar Studio using a chromatic guitar tuner. When the guitar tuner window is open, it analyzes any input signal from the sound card and displays the information on a meter. 

The Guitar Technology Alliance
Cakewalk Guitar Studio is a key component of the Guitar Technology Alliance between Cakewalk, Fender, and Roland¾each company a leader in its respective field. The alliance was formed to bridge the gap between guitar players and music software.

The first solution from this important industry alliance is the combination of three distinct products optimized to work together: Cakewalk Guitar StudioTM; the Roland GR-30 Guitar Synthesizer; and the Fender Roland-Ready Stratocaster®, a classic Strat® with built-in Roland divided pickup. Click here to view a full screen image of Cakewalk Guitar Studio, the Roland GR-30 and the Fender Roland Ready Stratocaster.

System Requirements

For Windows 95/98

Pentium 120 or higher, 12 MB RAM, CD-ROM Drive

Windows compatible sound card and/or MIDI interface

(sound card required for digital audio record/playback)

*Bonus: Includes a free 1/4-inch to 1/8-inch adapter for plugging an electric guitar directly into your Windows sound card!.

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