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The virtual backup band that follows your keyboard performance

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Remember the last time you had fun playing piano or keyboard? Chances are you were playing together with other musicians. Or showcasing your talents in concert. It's the interaction that makes it exciting. If only rehearsing and performing solo were that enjoyable.

Now it is with Cakewalk In Concert. A new kind of software that provides you with an interactive, virtual backup band. A band so complete that it includes every instrument. So versatile it performs any style of music. So responsive it follows every nuance you play. And so fulfilling, you'll never play alone again.

Be a star
With In Concert, you're the star pianist. With the backup band ready to follow your every note.

But this isn't just any band - it responds instantly to what you play and how you play it. Start playing anywhere in any song. The band recognizes where you are in the piece, and performs all the supporting instruments flawlessly.

Get creative by playing faster or slower, and the band makes the same adjustment. Add subtlety by playing louder or softer and the band plays in kind.

Even skip part of a song spontaneously, and the band jumps with you. Try that with a real band.

Best of all, the band is always available, infinitely patient, and never gets tired. So if you want to play in the middle of the night, or practice part of a song over and over, the band is always available.

If all this sounds amazing for a piece of software, it is. And you have to try it to believe it.

Start easily
To use Cakewalk In Concert, you simply open any standard MIDI file, choose the part you want to play, and start playing. In Concert performs all the other parts automatically, following your lead. Change tempo or volume, or jump from place to place in the song, and In Concert listens and responds.

Other accompaniment software can only play back files at a predefined speed and volume, so the experience is mechanical. And if you vary your play, pause, or miss a note, you have to start over. In Concert gives you on-screen displays of tempo, location, and volume. You can adjust the volume of every instrument in the back-up band, or even mute the ones you don't want to hear. In Concert can transpose the piece you're playing into any key, and even record and play back your performance so you can hear how it sounds with a full orchestra.

If you use In Concert in live performance, you can arrange for built-in pauses that await your signal to continue, or solo sections where playback continues at a fixed tempo.

Thousands of affordable song files available
While In Concert includes MIDI files and sheet music to get you started, you can also use the thousands of MIDI music files available on the Internet and in retail stores.

Any MIDI song file that includes sheet music is compatible. Song files are available in every style, including classical, jazz, rock, pop, and show tunes.

And of course, you can use original compositions with In Concert. Just create your composition with music software that saves to a standard MIDI file, such as Cakewalk Home Studio for the PC or Cakewalk Metro for the Macintosh. Open the file with In Concert, and the backup band knows your new song instantly!

Hundreds of ways to play In Concert!

The Orchestra Awaits you
Whether you perform piano and keyboard in concert, or just want to feel that way, Cakewalk In Concert is for you. It's fun, inexpensive, and available at music and computer software stores worldwide. Get it today.

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For Windows 95:


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