FC48 & FC816 Foot Controlled Consoles

Channels: 8
Scenes: 4
Chase: 4 Step with audio sync
Control Protocol: Microphone cable multiplexing
Compatibility: Multiplex protocol compatible other 3 wire multiplexed systems
Power Input: 18 VAC or 15 VDC optional external power supply
Power Consumption: 70 ma

Channels: 16
Scenes: 8 Programmable
Chase: 4 Programmable (20 steps each)
Control Protocol: Lightronics 3 pin standard multiplex transmitter
Compatibility: Multiplex protocol compatible with other 3 wire systems
Power Input: Phantom powered from dimmer pack
MIDI Functions: Scene Select/Blackout, Chase Select/Chase Off, Chase Rate, Fade Rate
Power Consumption: 70 ma max

AS41 & AS412 Dimmer Packs

AS412 AS41

Channels: 4
Load Capacity: 1200W per channel/2400W total for AS-41, 4800W total for AS-412
Control Protocol: Lightronics and other 3 wire multiplex
Control Connector: 3 pin microphone (XLR) connector
Power Requirements: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 Amp full load (AS-412 - 40 Amp full load)
Power Connector: AS-41 - 20 Amp parallel blade inlet AS-412 - Dual 20 Amp power cords
Channel Output: Parallel blade outlet
External Fuses: 10 amp each channel
Response Time: 17 Milliseconds

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