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Martin Robocolor MSD 200

The first real alternative to PAR 64s and color scroller

The Robocolor MSD 200 contains eight rich dichroic colors (plus white) on two flags, giving the possibility of 16 colors which are brighter than conventional gels and will not burn out - at an unbelievable low price.

The super-fast color-changers can operate instantly between colors, allowing two adjacent colors to be mixed and alleviating the need for bulky and expensive color scrollers.

The extremely high-powered shutter is capable of providing staggering strobing effects of up to 25 flashes per second. There is a manually-adjustable focus with superb optics, and a dimmer facility to achieve 100% dimming.

The power is achieved by the intensity of the high-efficient MSD 200 discharge lamp that Martin have developed in conjunction with Philips, to yield higher output than a PAR 64, and offer a 2000-hour guaranteed lamp life.

When used in a stand-alone mode, the Robocolor MSD 200s built-in microphone triggers the unit in time to the music, either in a random or factory-programmed sequence. Using the Martin controllers the 2308 is capable of running eight Robocolor MSD 200s and the 2032 can control an amazing 32 heads.

With the use of an optional interface it is possible to run the Robocolor MSD 200 off any standard DMX-512 controller.

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