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Martin 1220 ROT Roboscan

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The result of two years intensive development and research into producing lighting instruments which are genuinely up to the rigors of touring, which means tough in transit and easy to service.

The system is totally modular. A finger-wheel assembly locks each module tightly into the case, which can be accessed from below, making cleaning and maintenance extremely simple. Yet the construction of the Pro 1220 is such that the components are utterly shakeproof.

The gobo facilities are fantastic, with two wheels each of nine patterns, and two clear positions. Fully programmable to any station, superimposition of gobo patterns is entirely feasible and some amazing effects can result from this technique. An alternative option of a rotating gobo wheel, with four spinning gobos, is offered in place of the second wheel. A large range of custom gobos is available. A similar system is used also for the dichroic colors, where 18 saturated colors on two wheels combine to give a huge number of mixes and combinations.

There are three prism effects available in the system, which will generate either three, five, or nine multiple images. Much work has been done to insure that split gobo patterns are displayed with sharp definition. In addition a selectable frost filter gives a soft-edged flood effect.

An ultra-fast shutter enables instant blackout and strobe effects. The Pro 1220 will be able to strobe at up to 18 fps, which makes it a very serious strobe indeed. The unit can be blacked out between colors whilst scrolling. The mechanical dimmer is smooth and effective between zero and full, and when in blackout mode the lamp can be switched off remotely to save wasting lamp life.

Controlwise, the Pro 1220 will work off most proprietary desks with a DMX interface, or from any light board which can interface with Martin Professionals powerful PC-486 based dedicated software.

For renters, the modular system promises an up-to-date investment for many years to come, as retrofitting upgrades of the latest effects come along.

Now also available with 1200W HMI lamp.


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