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Martin 2308 Controller


If the high cost of intelligent lighting is keeping your show in the dark, take a look at the Roboscan 2308 controller from Martin.

With the 2308 you can run eight Roboscan projectors, eight Robozaps, 32 Robocolors, eight Martin dimmer controllers, 128 dimmer 0-10V outputs - or any combination.

The 2308 is fully-programmable in three levels - scene, sequence and show.

A scene is an individual light setting of eight (32) units, and the 2308 has sufficient memory for 611 such scenes. To give another idea of the 2308s enormous capacity, a sequence may consist of up to 99 different scenes, and these can be looped up to 255 times.

The show itself may comprise up to 255 sequences, 96 of which are different - and the 2308 can store up to ten different shows!

Functions such as pan and tilt, (including micro positioning), color change, color mix, gobo-change, gobo-mix and shutter/color/gobo/move speed can be programmed and remotely controlled.

The operator can sync to music or set the beat with the 2308 controllers internal metronome.

New in the 2308 is the upload/down-load function which allows you to copy the memory from one controller to another, or from a 2308 to a PC or from a PC to the 2308.


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