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Club Malibu - The Morgue

Club Malibu - The Morgue

Club Malibu "The Morgue" greatly appreciates and thanks Axe Music for the services performed in the development and installation of our "one-of-a-kind" light and sound system in Edmonton, Canada and North America.
- Shiraz Karmali C.A. (Owner)

Club Malibu - The Morgue Club Malibu - The Morgue

Club Malibu

Placed in the heart of downtown Edmonton in a large Gothic styled funeral home built sometime at the turn of the century, The Morgues design criteria was to be at the forefront of the uptempo dance music clubs with the emphasis on fun. Presented with a short deadline AXE rose to the challenge and brought The Morgue to life.The entire ceiling moves and changes shape via the custom AXE designed controller incorporating motorized chain hoists. The remainder of the system is "state of the art" to help raise the "spirits" of the customers. The patrons of "this" Morgue state this design is "dead" on.

Club Malibu - The Morgue

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