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We recommend that when you are choosing your music teacher, the initial requirement should be selecting a teacher that can successfully keep the student interested. Grueling, repetitive scale exercises with heavy sessions of technical theory are not necessarily appropriate for kids and/or beginning adults.

We believe that the most important thing is to nurture an appreciation for music and ultimately, gain a satisfaction from playing music. This "love of music" can then be slowly incorporated into the finer elements of the medium. So check at the end of the day.

If you or your child is not happy and is not practicing on his/her own, take a real hard look at your current teacher. Is he/she demanding that the student play only the material given them or is the teacher building and breeding the "love of music" by allowing the student some flexibility in selecting the music they want to learn.

Music is a very wide and varied art form and not everyone has the same tastes. This has to be taken into account with beginners in order to help them achieve personal satisfaction during the hardest part of their musical Journey: "The Beginning."

By: Dwayne Wells
Sales - Axe Calgary

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