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Because its easy.
Axe saves you the hassle and you wont have to send your item south for repairs.

Axe likes to lead not follow. The only true solution for Canadas problem with cross border shopping is to be truly competitive in price. Ever since the free trade agreement, Axe has worked hard to ensure that our pricing is competitive with the U.S.A.

Buying Facts:

1. Even if you buy in the U.S.A., GST is charged at the border.

2. Canadian distributors do not honor manufacturers warranty on items purchased outside of the country. Most distributors even refuse to sell parts to repair a U.S.A. purchased product. If you have to send your item south for repairs, its not easy. Ask any customs broker.

3. A certificate of Origin used to reduce duty charged on American goods as per free trade is only valid from the manufacturer, not from a dealer.

See our Low Price Guarantee

When you present us with a copy of a current ad from an authorized U.S. dealer for the same make and model number.

Price comparisons will be based on the Actual Cost in Canadian dollars of products purchased in the U.S.A. and brought into Canada.

For every product we sell, we will not be beaten by any advertised price from the U.S. or Canada on the same item from an authorized dealer. Even after your purchase, if you find a lower price within 30 days, including our own sale prices, well refund the difference - plus 10% of the difference.


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