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Peavey PVM22

The PVM" 22 diamond microphone features a revolutionary diamond-coated diaphragm for electret-condenser performance with Dynamic microphone ruggedness. Along with neodymium magnetics, the PVM 22 offers superior performance and ruggedness with low handling noise.

This incredible microphone simply must be heard to be believed.


Event Electronics


visualize this . . .
a monitoring system so good that it's easy to recognize the perfect detail of each sound. Now with Event monitors everyone can afford to hear music the way the recording engineer did.


Paul White
Sound on Sound - July 1996

Event may be a new name on the studio equipment map, but the people behind the company are anything but new players: their chief loudspeaker designers have a 25-year track record with some of the biggest names in US audio, including JBL, Gauss, UREI, Harman and Alesis.
. . . Even at very loud monitoring levels, the sound remains tight and very well controlled.
. . . To maintain a sense of perspective, the sound of the 20/20s stands up well in comparison with the likes of the smaller Genelec monitors.
. . . The Event 20/20s turned out to be damn fine monitors

Well-balanced, smooth sound with good bass extension
Attractive price

I'm thinking!

An extremely well thought-out design, which puts solid audio performance before fashion.

2020bas - Internally Biamplified System

Francis Buckley
EQ magazine - June 1996

. . . Quincy Jones album . . . My usual mixing setup is Genelec 1031A's . . .
Generally during mastering there is always some degree of EQing, a little top for air and a little bottom for warmth, but for the first time ever with one of my mixes, Bernie turned to me and said, "I don't think you need any EQ on this, maybe just a little limiting to fill the meters."


Barry Cleveland
MIX - February 1997

. . . nothing in the price range can touch them.
. . . The stereo imaging remained well-defined, and there was no apparent coloration of any frequencies, even at very high and very low listening levels. Very, very impressive.
. . . one set of "familiar monitors" I used for my tests were Meyer HD-1s, and that the 20/20bas compared favorably in many ways. This is no mean feat, considering that the HD-1s retail for four times as much.
. . . The bottom line is that these speakers deliver awesome fidelity, and . . . they are quite a bargain.


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