C410 Headset Microphone




DJs have turned dance-floor music into a style of its own. Back in the 70s, the clubs played the same music as the radio stations. Then things changed. Dub mixes without a traditional song structure, with sparse vocals and excessive use of the mute keys began to appear. Then came special dance remixes. As hip-hop became hip, DJs with their feeling for dance grooves hopped along as producers of many hits, to wit: Snap, Dr. Alban, U96, etc. It is interesting to note that dance grooves become faster and faster. Hip-hop started at 120 bpm and is now approaching 130. Techno goes up to 140 or 145 bpm.
The C410 is the ultimate solution for working DJs who want to have both hands free and need a mic that always stays in front of their mouth.

C420 Headset Mic


The C420 is a condenser design with a full bandwidth 20 - 20 kHz frequency response. It captures the voice with a detailed, brilliant sound quality.

The ideal MicroMic for singing keyboard players, drummers, guitarists, dancers - high-quality vocals in a hands-free application.

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