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Power amplifiers vary widely in pricing and features. Some of these differences are very clear. Construction, connectors, volume controls and indicator lights are but a few. Some facts about power amplifiers are not so clear. Dual power supplies, high efficiency cooling design, technical specifications and the ability to handle add-on "processors" are but a few of these. This is where the expertise of the AXE specialists can really help you out with your amplifier selection.

A good "match" of a power amplifier to a speaker is to have more power (up to double) that what the speaker is rated at (RMS). A common misconception is that a 200 watt amplifier can never blow up a 400 watt speaker. In fact, this situation is 10 times worse than having an 800 watt amp powering that same 400 watt speaker. A loudspeaker will heat up much quicker when a square or distorted wave signal is sent to it than when a clean, albeit overpowered, wave signal is presented to the voice coil. Make sure that when you are operating your amplifier, you never, ever see a clip light.

By: Dwayne Wells
Sales - Axe Calgary

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