PT2/PT1 Power Amplifier

The Crown Power-Tech 2® was developed for the professional who demands performance, reliability and value in a power amplifier.

The Power-Tech 2 features front panel level controls, power switch, circuit breaker, signal presence and I.O.C.® distortion indicators.

Protected from all the hazards commonly associated with power amplifiers, Power-Tech is also equipped with ODEP®, which protects the amplifier from any over stress condition. Has "Fault Protection" circuitry. In the unlikely event of output transistor failure, the power supply of the affected channel shuts down protecting your speaker components while leaving the other channel free to operate.




The XLR connectors shown are optional. They are an accessory part called MT-XLR.

Output Power



CSL460 Power Amplifier

CSL Series power amplifiers give you real-world performance both on the road and in quality fixed installations at a modest entry-level price.

CSL amplifiers provide many of the patented features which have made Crown amplifiers famous for sonic purity and dependability.

The CSL Series includes a cost-effective version of ODEP to monitor the drive level of each output transistor so their safe operating areas are not exceeded. It makes CSL amplifiers immune to overheating problems and thermal shut-down just like Macro-Tech® amplifiers without paying for their additional features like thermal-dynamic energy reserve monitoring or P.I.P. support.

Output Power


Crowns 3-Year No-Fault Amplifier Warranty And 3+3 No-Fault Extended Warranty

Crown now offers a 3-Year No-Fault Warranty for every new Crown amplifier - an industry standard. With this unprecedented No-Fault protection, your new Crown amplifier is warranted to meet or exceed original specifications for the first three years of ownership. During this time, if your amplifier fails for any reason or does not perform to original specifications, it will be repaired or replaced at our expense. This includes parts, labor and round-trip shipping. About the only things not covered by this warranty are those losses normally covered by insurance and intentional abuse. And the coverage is transferable should you sell your amp.
Thats not all; for a modest fee, Crown will extend that protection for an additional three years with our 3+3 No-Fault Extended Warranty.

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