DP2 Multieffects Processor

The ENSONIQ name has never been associated with guitars. However, guitarists should take note of Ensoniqs new DP/2. This powerful signal processor has a wide range of presets dedicated to guitar processing - covering the territory from subtle Crystal Guitars to teeth-gritting Shred. There are also presets for vocals, keyboards, horns, and drums, in addition to a few for overall mix enhancement. The DP/2 is a versatile multieffects processor that is at home in the guitar rig or project studio.

Many presets include a noise gate, which dramatically benefits the guitar amp/loudspeaker emulation. There are a lot of killer guitar sounds in the box and they all include a range of styles and control that should suit most applications. There is even a very easy-to-use guitar tuner preset. The front panel ¼" phone jack can replace the need for a DI box in the control room and give you a fully processed guitar directly into the mix.

DP/4+ Parallel Effects Processor

Are your effects growing faster than your budget? To the rescue - the DP/4+ . . .

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