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Increased shell vibration results in increased drum volume and sustain. Isolated mounts ensure mounts and tom holders on toms and floor toms do not touch the shell.


I.T.S. Tom Mount


Telescoping Bass Drum Spurs

Mapex I.T.S. Floor Tom Bracket

Two way adjustment makes it easy to move and lock your bass drum into perfect playing position.

Mapex Shock Mounted Floor Tom Legs

Exclusive hex shaped locking system and unique memory lock provide durability and stability.

Mapex I.T.S. Tom Holder Base Mount with 5 cm Shift

Floor toms float like mounted toms. Legs are spring loaded so shell vibration doesn't bottom out.

The isolated tom holder base means more flexibility in tom positioning, and no tom mount hole drilled into your bass drum. The isolated base mount attaches underneath the lugs of the bass drum. The tom holder does not enter the bass drum shell.

A shift and lock mechanism on the isolated base mount allows movement of mounted toms in a 5 cm direction either towards, or away from the bass drum batter head.

Mapex Omni-Directional Tom Holder

Each tom arm adjusts and locks individually. both tom arms are connected to a central holder which adjusts and locks vertically.

Mapex Orion Traditional Maple in TRANSPARENT BLACK

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