AD5 Acoustic Instrument Processor

The AD-5 is an electric-acoustic guitar preamp/DI box with powerful built-in effects processing capabilities. With its high-quality preamp functions and specially voiced effects optimized to deliver the natural expressiveness of an electric-acoustic guitar.

The AD-5s innovative Acoustic Sound Shaping function allows for the creation of acoustic ambience, turning the sterile, flat sound of a piezo pickup into the rich, "airy" sound of a micd acoustic guitar. BODY controls the character of the body resonance and MIC DISTANCE controls the effect of mic distance from the guitar and its associated room ambience.

AC2 Acoustic Simulator Pedal

The BOSS AC-2 is a revolutionary new compact effects pedal from BOSS that accurately simulates acoustic guitar sounds from an electric guitar.

FZ3 Fuzz Pedal

This exciting new addition to the BOSS Compact Pedal line captures the real essence of the "fuzz" sound, enclosed in a cool "retro" style stompbox.

TR2 Tremolo Pedal

BOSS announces the TR-2, a classic tremolo pedal. This dedicated effects pedal provides more versatility than ever before to create real vintage tremolo guitar sounds and variations.


HR-2 Harmonist

  • intelligent harmony pedal

BD-2 Blues Driver

  • vintage blues tone

RV-3 Reverb/Delay

  • digital reverb or delay in a pedal

DD-5 Digital Delay

  • delay pedal

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