VG-8 V-Guitar System

The VG-8 is clearly the next logical step in the evolution of the guitar. From "acoustic" to "electric" to electronic guitar, the VG-8 is set to open doors which had not only been closed, but previously not even known to exist. All of this is made possible because of Rolands new proprietary technology: COSM or Composite Object Sound Modeling which allows you to electronically re-create virtually any guitar, amplifier and room sound imaginable.

Placing the guitar entirely within the digital domain, the V-Guitar offers limitless musical expression. The VG-8 operates in two modes: Harmonic Restructure Modeling (HRM) and Variable Guitar Modeling (VGM). The VGM mode lets the VG-8 generate a vast array of models generally associated with specific guitars and amps. The VG-8 also affects an unlimited variety of pickup selections, configurations and placements for incredible sonic possibilities. In HRM mode, the VG-8 restructures the guitar signal into completely new and unique sounds. All of this is accomplished in realtime while faithfully maintaining the playing nuances inherent to the guitar. This is the future of electronic guitar, like youre never heard it before.


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