Electric &/or Acoustic Guitar Software

GVOX Musician Plus

  • It's how you play better, faster.
  • Compose, Edit and Print your music.
  • Learn the hottest licks.
  • And sit side by side with guitar virtuosos.
  • It's the one true link between guitar & computer.
  • It's everything you need in one box.

G-VOX is an incredible package of hardware and software that links you and your guitar to a computer.

Nail down guitar fundamentals with software titles like Riffs, Chords and Tour.

Or you can take private lessons from some of the world's best guitarists, like Steve Morse and Adrian Legg.

If you're looking to compose, edit and print out your music using your guitar, or connect to the world of MIDI - start smiling. Because with G-VOX Bridge software, you can link your guitar to top sequencing and/or notation software. So, you can go direct to MIDI without a keyboard in the way.


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