Session 8

Session 8

Available for Mac or PC

The only studio you will ever need will be your own!

Session 8 brings together virtually every leading-edge recording technology available today. We're talking about direct-to-disk digital multitrack recording, digital mixing and track bouncing, random-access editing, digital signal processing, and MIDI. One completely integrated system for creating professional quality, all digital recordings in the privacy of your own home.


Tracking & Mixing

Session 8's console-style interface makes tracking and mixing simple. It has features not possible on tape-based systems. Unlimited track bouncing without generation loss and the ability to load and unload tracks to try dozens of alternate takes are just two examples.

Routing Window

Plug your instruments and outboard gear into the Session 8 once - from then on all of your patching and routing is done quickly and easily in the Routing Window. Your connections are right at your fingertips. No more tangled cables or time wasted patching gear.

Random Access Editing

Think of Session 8's Edit window as a sequencer for digital audio. It's here that you can cut, paste, move, and rearrange musical phrases with speed and precision. Edit solos, move verses, repeat choruses or riffs and create dynamic remixes in minutes - like you never could with tape.


4 analog and digital inputs and outputs
Record from an analog or digital source, or both for four tracks of simultaneous recording & playback
8 tracks of simultaneous playback
8 bands of real-time digital parametric EQ
Graphic breakpoint automation of volume and pan
Frame-accurate synchronization to digital video
Synchronization to MIDI sequencers

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