PRO 2000 Smoke Machine

Martin The Magnum Pro 2000 from Martin Professional is a second generation high performance smoke machine using microprocessor-based technology and a specially designed heating element for long life and reliability.

Martins engineers looked at all the traditional problems associated with smoke machines before they embarked on the Pro 2000, and set about overcoming them in the new design. A new and extremely long-life heating element was developed for the purpose. In combination with the high pressure pump this delivers more smoke where you want it when you want it. The output of the machine is variable and can be controlled over a wide range of pressures. The microprocessor control in harness with these other components not only ensures that the Pro 2000 wont let you down, it gives you extra controllability, including auto-timing and memory functions.

A slave facility allows an infinite number of add-on units. Electronic and mechanical, re-settable overheating protection is built-in.

So the Pro 2000 is a smart machine.

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