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Thunderdome / Cowboys Out Board Gear

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Midas XL200 Dream Machine


Malibu Group

Malibu Group

Malibu Group

The Midas XL200 touring console has the diversity to fulfill the requirements of rock n roll bands at the Thunderdome. The Midas XL200 touring board reaches the raw power required for yesterdays and todays rock legends, such as Burton Cummings, Nazareth, Tea Party and 5440.

The Midas and stage gear is also used in our new country super club Cowboys which is quite different from the Thunderdome. Cowboys is like an arena style concert hall with giant ceilings and open air spaces. The Midas XL200 definitely satisfies the needs of top country music bands.

Our corporation feels that the Midas XL200 has met both of these super clubs music needs and, thankfully, the Midas and state-of-the-art stage gear is a step in the right direction in helping us fill these requirements.

- Paul Vickers, Ownern_star.gif (2841 bytes)

PRIMARY EQUIPMENT LISTn_star.gif (2841 bytes)
Midas XL200 Mixing Console: Front of House 44 x 13 x 8 Matrix Mixer with spare power supply
Soundcraft SM12 Mixing Console: Monitor 40 x 12 with spare power supply
Roland SDE330 Digital Dimensional Space Delay
Yamaha SPX990 Professional Multi Effects Unit (3)
Klark Teknik DN504B Quad Compressor and Limiters (2)
Klark Teknik DN514B Quad Automatic Gates (2)
Klark Teknik DN360B Graphic Equalizer (6)
Tascam CD-401 MKII Compact Disc Player
Denon DN770R Dual Cassette Deck
Panasonic SV3700 Professional DAT Player
EV Deltamax DML-1152MC Monitors (2 x 15", 2" Horn) (8)
EV Custom P.I. Matrix Side Fill and Drum Fill Monitors (2 x 15", 2" Horn) (3)
EV Deltamax DMC-1152A Controllers (5)
EV DX34 Monitor Controller (2)
Crown MA5000 Power Amplifiers (2)
Crown MA3600 Power Amplifiers (2)
Crown MA2400 Power Amplifiers (6)
Crown MA1200 Power Amplifier
Crown MA600 Power Amplifiers (4)
JBL AS1028 Dual 18" Bass Cabinets (6)
JBL AS4732 3-Way Loudspeaker System (8)
Axe Custom Speakon Speaker Cables (18)
TDM 24CX3L 3-Way Stereo Crossover
Shure SM57 Microphones (6)
Shure Beta 58 Microphones (6)
Sennheiser MD504 Microphones (6)
AKG D112 Microphones (2)
AKG 460 CK61ULS Microphones (3)
Klark Teknik LBB100 Direct Boxes (6)
Axe Custom Microphone Case
Custom Peavey Snakes (3)
Custom Peavey Audio Link 36/12 150/50 split
Quart MBK800 Headsets (4)
Technical Projects BP-2 Beltpacks (4)
Technical Projects PS1A Power Supply
Miscellaneous Microphone Cables (80)
K&M Various Microphone Stands (20)
Juice Goose RKPower200 Unit
Axe Custom Processing/Monitor Racks (7)
Axe Custom Cable/Stand Trunks (3)
Axe Custom Wiring Package

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