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270 Tripod Stand & Boom Arm

Complete with single-section boom. Fold-out legs. Height adjustment by metal clutch.
Nickel plated.
Weight: 3,0 kg.

232 Table Top Shock Absorbing Mic Stand

Sound absorbing black finished round base. Diameter 13 cms.
Nickel plated tube.
Weight: 1,6 kg.

211 Standard Boom Arm

Single-section boom, to be screwed on mike stands.
Nickel plated.
Weight: 0,9 kg. Length: 840 cm.

2111 Telescopic Boom Arm

Two-section telescoping boom from 460 cm to maximum of 765 cm.
Nickel plated.
Weight: 0,75 kg.

K223/224/225 Goosenecks

K&M of Germany makes the best goosenecks available.
These goosenecks hold their form better than any other goosenecks and they do not creak and groan as they are bent.
Available in 3 lengths.

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