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Audio Connectors

NL4MP Neutrik Speakon™ Chassis Connector

NF2CB Neutrik RCA Black & Gold Plug
NP2C Neutrik 1/4" Mono Phone Plug
NP2CSP Neutrik 1/4" Mono X/Large Plug
NP2RC Neutrik Right Angle 1/4" Mono
NP3C Neutrik 1/4" Stereo Phone Plug
BP Switchcraft Banana Plug
RCA Switchcraft RCA Male Plug

4MPR Neutrik Speakon™ Airtight Chassis

7019 HDW Jack 1/4" Stereo Switch
7020 HDW Jack Nylon 1/4" Mono Chassis
7021 HDW Jack Nylon 1/4" Stereo Chassis

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