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TRIPLEDAT Digital Audio System

PLAYBACK. From 4 to 12 stereo tracks and more, depending on the processing speed, the hard drive speed, and the storage capabilities of your computer.

Apply signal processing effects to tracks & sound samples from a sophisticated suite of DSP Pentium based filters & effects - in realtime.

Synchronize to internal or external MIDI Time Code (MTC), or to SMPTE Time Code with an external converter box.

  • Full Duplex Play & Rec I/O capability

  • Optical I/O (w/cabling)

  • S/PDIF I/O (coaxial)

  • High quality analog I/O

  • Infrared DAT remote control (hardware & cabling)

  • MIDI interface (w/cabling & Windows driver)

  • WaveWalkers™ Realtime DSP modules

  • GIGABYTE DAT backup utility

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