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HDR6 6 Track Hard Disk Recorder

  • 3 band digital EQ with sweepable mid for each track

  • 4 AUX sends and 4 stereo returns

  • Internal merge can be done digitally resulting in no loss in quality after 100 times of merging

  • 128 mixer settings can be programmed and recalled manually or by MIDI

  • Edit can be undone by using "UNDO" function

  • HDR-6s can be synchronized with only an optical cable

  • Totally MIDI compatible

  • 18 bit AD, 20 bit DA convertion

  • Option slots for extended usage

  • Direct out x6 (¼" phone); OdBm unbalanced

  • Optic fiber wave length 660mm & Coaxial 75 orm (S/PDIF)

  • FREE Computer Control software

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